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"Fairy Queen" Ramiris "of the Labyrinth" ["迷宮妖精(ラビリンス)"のラミリス, "Rabirinsu (Meikyuu Yousei)" no Ramirisu]. She is one of the three original Demon Lords, along with Guy Crimson and Milim Nava and part of the Octagram. She is also the Saints' Guide, bestowing divine protection on heroes. She preserves the balance of the entire world. She currently resides in Tempest's Underground Labyrinth.


She is flat-chested and small enough to rest on a flower. She has blonde hair that is done in pig-tails and has yellow eyes.

Her original form, as an adult, was of a beautiful woman with rainbow-colored hair.[1] Sadly she can only hold this form for a few years and then reverts to her child form for a few thousand years.


She is a pleasant person. Though one doesn't feel a shred of a Demon Lord's dignity from her, she is nonetheless a pleasant person. Also, she is completely oblivious to her complete lack of a presence. Without listening to others at all, she just says whatever she feels like saying. She is a ridiculously free-willed individual. She acts a little smug due to being both the Queen of Fairies and a Demon Lord but has no problem in helping Rimuru after finding out why he went to the labyrinth.


Thousands of years ago, Milim awakened as a Demon Lord at the same time as Guy due to her pet dragon being killed by some country. In her anger, Milim destroyed the country. And awakened as a True Demon Lord. Unconsciously, she fought with Guy. That battle continued for seven days and seven nights, transforming the bountiful lands in the west into a wasteland.

Eventually, the battle concluded. Milim regained her consciousness and the battle ended. The one who returned her sanity was Ramiris. In the process, the ruler of spirits Ramiris absorbed the evil magic of demons and the powerful aura of dragons and began to change, transforming into a Demon Lord. But, she was able to stop Milim's rampage. And the three settled this dispute.

These three were the first Demon Lords. They decided that each of the three would be different than the other two. One would pursue the Ultimate SkillOne would live as one pleases. One would judge the world. Because their objectives were different, they could recognize each other.

Once, Leon Cromwell came to the Dwelling of the Spirit before he became a Demon Lord. Ramiris's Thought Manipulation had no effect against him, in fact, she was controlled instead. For Ramiris, who was only proficient in the illusion magic of spirit magic archive, there was nothing else she could do. Therefore, she planned to have the golem become her arms and legs. With that, she then went out and lost to Leon, and had to help him out. He was researching how to summon ghosts. Without a single clue, he had managed to summon a high-level fire spirit out of pure anger and then sealed the spirit away. Then, he made an absurd request, to summon world travelers, special individuals from other worlds. She told him it was impossible. 

After the magic soldiers that the dwarfs and elves had researched together went wild after they failed to use the heart, the spirit magic circuits from that research were thrown out. So, the fairies picked up the shell that they threw out to modify and improve their golem.

Ramiris inherited her "self" from previous generations. She used to reign as the queen of fairies, but after reaching the pinnacle of power beyond which she could not progress, she decided to split herself. And to each one of these clone children, she gave a sense of self. Thus, when they grow up, they could perhaps surpass the original. The flaw being their weakness during childhood. A race that continuously strove to grow out of weakness. Among all the demon lords, only she possesses such hereditary abilities.


Species Skills


  • Annihilation: Magic of instant death.
  • Illusion Magic:
  • Spirit Magic:


  • Demon Lord's Ring: Communication artifacts between the Demon Lords.


Veldora Tempest

Veldora guided her into the world of manga. So, they hit it off, becoming manga buddies. Ramiris sees him as a master and a friend, however, that feeling doesn't seem to be reciprocated.

Rimuru Tempest

Their relationship started off rockily due to Rimuru destroying her golem and looking down on her due to her cheeky attitude to him. Nevertheless, he still made a new golem for her, in the form of Beretta, for compensation. Because of that, she felt gratitude and became friendly with him, to the point that she warned Tempest of its possible impending doom due to Clayman's plan at the Walpurgis. She then joined Tempest and Rimuru convinced her to create a Labyrinth next to Tempest. After that, Rimuru employed her to manage the Labyrinth as an attraction for Tempest. They had fun creating the Labyrinth together. Along with Veldora and Milim, they also had fun together using avatars created by Rimuru to enjoy the Labyrinth. Ramiris developed many kinds of research in conjunction with Vesta, Kaijin, Kurobe, and the Dwarven Brothers, that would benefit Tempest such as the Demon dolls for the Black Corps. It has been stated that she considers herself a rival to Milim, Shion, Shuna, Ciel and Chloe to be Rimuru's true wife. She is eternally indebted to Rimuru because not only her wealth but her number of powerful subordinates and her personal power has skyrocketed.


The dryad swore loyalty to the Fairy Queen along with her brethren and the Treants. Ramiris then granted them an area within the Labyrinth as their habitat. Due to their being freed as slaves, there is also a burgeoning Elven community in the Labyrinth City as well.


They have quite a close relationship with each other. He addresses her politely due to her being in Ramiris's care in the past.

Milim Nava

They have been close to each other since ancient times ever since she stopped her rampage. Even now, they can be considered to be playmates and friendly rivals for Rimuru's affection.

Guy Crimson

She and Guy Crimson were acquainted with each other after they stopped Milim's rampage. He used to tease her for being a NEET, because of that, she bragged to his face once they met again as she's employed by Rimuru. Even so, he still respects and cares for her to some degree, even threatening Leon that if he kills her he risks become his enemy.


The Arch Doll created by Rimuru for Ramiris in order to compensate for her previous golem that he destroyed, thus, Beretta began to serve under Ramiris as her bodyguard. Initially loyal only to Rimuru and contracted to serve Ramiris for only 100 years before returning to him, Beretta slowly softened to Ramiris and became loyal to her. After meeting up with Rimuru again, He is asked by Rimuru if he wants to serve under Ramiris eternally though he still kept his loyalty towards him who remained as a secondary master.


  • She gets so used to telepathy that she sometimes forgets how to talk. Though that somehow doesn't stop her from being talkative.
  • She said that she had 48 different attack skills(?).
  • Due to her size and the pitiful aura that she gives off, she is seen as the weakest Demon Lord.
  • Most people don't recognize her as a Demon Lord due to her appearance until they realize she is the reincarnated Queen of the Fairies.
  • She is several thousand years old and the third Demon Lord to ever exist.



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