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Races (種族 shuzoku) are classified into two basic categories, Physical Beings and Spiritual Beings, each of which is further divided into three more classifications, which are: Humans, Demi-Humans, and Monsters. There are other groups of races that aren't included in this three-fold distinction, or where the classifications haven't been provided yet and are thus "unknown."

Physical Beings


Human (人間(ヒューマン) hyūman) refers to a species that, although weak at birth, and being born without any Intrinsic Skills, are high in numbers and specialize in Arts, making them able to defend themselves against innately stronger Races.

Because they live in areas with low Magicule concentration, they usually don't have to worry too much about Monster attacks, as Monsters generally prefer Magicule-rich environments. However, there are many exceptions to that rule, so Humans are always keeping a watch on the Monsters' movements.

The Humans are those who originally created the three classifications to separate themselves (Humans), the non-hostile races (Demi-Humans), and the hostile races (Monsters) from each other.

The Free Guild's Grandmaster, who is a Human Otherworlder, created the Rank System that evaluates the combat abilities of both Adventurers and Monsters, drastically reducing causalities among Human Adventurers as a result.


Demi-Human (亜人(デミヒューマン) demihyūman) refers to any humanoid races that have become friendly or at least neutral towards humanity, hence being treated as "non-hostile races." Most Demi-Human Races are Fairy-races that have strong connections to Spirits.

Since the term "demi-human" is only defined based on appearance and hostility toward humans, different races can possess fundamentally different properties. Some demi-humans like Elves and Dwarves are similar to humans (little to no magicule in body, naming has no effect), whereas others like rabbitmen are technically monsters (born nameless and possess intrinsic skills).

It should be noted that there can be cases where Monsters are hostile towards Humans, but still have a friendly relationship with Demi-Humans.


Monster (魔物(モンスター) monsutā) refers to the Magicule-based races that come to existence via breeding between Monsters, via mutation, or via spawning directly from Magicules.

A primary characteristic of Monsters is that they are always born Nameless and often possess Intrinsic Skills. If someone with names gives them a Name, the Nameless Monster becomes a Named Monster, enhancing their Magicule capacities proportional to the power of the one granting them the Name, as well as possibly triggering the acquisition of Skills or even an evolution to a higher-tiered species. In turn, the Namer takes a considerable risk, as there is a certain chance to permanently lose the Power granted to the Monster, but depending on how it's approached it's also possible to recover the entire used up Power with no permanent loss.

Monsters can undergo evolutions that might drastically change their intelligence, looks, and Magicule capacities. In most cases the evolutions' only requirement is reaching a certain level of Magicules, but certain conditions must be fulfilled in some cases. The pinnacle of evolution is the evolution into a Demon Lord Seed and subsequently even into a True Demon Lord, the latter which is usually the apex of Monster evolution, whereupon further evolutions are usually not considered to be possible.

Sometimes, among Monsters there are those who evolve unusually or mutate due to their environment, becoming "Unique Monsters." These Monsters are usually very strong and often also possess uncharacteristic Skill, sometimes even a Unique Skill. Monsters like that usually have a great impact on their surroundings and can cause the existing order in their area of operation to collapse.

In general, Monsters are treated as hostile towards humanity, especially those without intelligence often act based on a pure "flight or fight" instinct, indiscriminately attacking any other living beings that come into the reach of their senses. However, in some cases, Monsters with intelligence can be recognized as Demi-Humans as well, as long as their group has proven itself to be "non-hostile" towards Humans.

Spiritual Lifeforms

Spiritual Lifeform (精神生命体 seishin seimei-tai) refers to existences that have the ability to exist as without a Material Body under certain conditions these are further divided into two:

  1. Spiritual Lifeforms by Birth: Refers to those born as Spiritual Lifeforms in places such as the Spirit World or places within the Material World with strong spiritual force like the Dwelling of Spirits, requiring a Body or Summoning to be able to operate within areas outside their natural habitats within the Material World, or otherwise get ejected back into their home.
  2. Spiritual Lifeforms by Evolution: Those who have been born as a Material Lifeform or Demi-Spiritual Lifeform and managed to evolve themselves into a full Spiritual Lifeform by fusing their Material Body with their Spiritual Body, enabling them to exist in Spiritual Form without being ejected. This is usually only limited to True Demon Lords, however.


Angel (天使族 tenshi-zoku, lit. "Celestial/Heavenly/Skyey Messenger Tribe, Deva-Tribe") is a major race among the Spiritual Lifeforms. Not much is known about them other than that they attack every few centuries in what is known as the "Great Tenma War."


Spirit (精霊 seirei) is a major race of Spiritual Lifeforms. They come into existence from natural energy or as offshoots of a Grand Spirit. Spirits are usually divided between Lesser Spirits and Greater Spirits, whereas Lesser Spirits are usually mindless spiritual force without any self-awareness, Greater Spirits are usually sentient.

While Lesser Spirits are casually used for Spirit magic, Greater Spirits often require a contract to be formed after which the Greater Spirit possesses the one they contracted with, and act in symbiosis with each other. A contracted Spirit can be released outside the host body to act independently but the Spirit must then expend its own energy to remain in the Material World or else be forced to return to the Dwelling of Spirits.

Not much is known about "Grand Spirits," however.


Demon (悪魔族(デーモン) dēmon, lit. "Demon Race") is a major race of Spiritual Lifeforms. They spontaneously come into being within the Spirit World, where they endlessly fight each other. At times they might be summoned into the Material World, where they require a Material Body or else get ejected back into the Spirit World by the rejection force of the Material World.

Demons have innately strong magic resistance, however, they have the flaw that after gaining a physical body within the Material World, they lose most of their traits as Spiritual Lifeforms and are practically no different from Material Monsters in that regard. However Demons are considerably powerful with even the weakest Lesser Demons already being at B Rank, so this is not too much of an issue in most cases.

There are 3 ways to defeat a Demon with a physical body:

  1. Destroy the Demon's Material Body, causing the Demon to be forcefully ejected into the Spirit World, which for most humans is more than enough of a success.
  2. Destroy the Demon's Spiritual Body, causing the Demon to be reincarnated back into Spirit World, however, unlike the first method, the revived Demon loses a significant amount of power, making it impossible for the Demon to take revenge in the near future.
  3. Shattering the Demon's Astral Body and Soul, causing the Demon to perish permanently.

List of Races

  • Demi-Human (亜人(デミヒューマン) demihyūman) [abstraction]
    • Elf (耳長族(エルフ) erufu, lit. "Long-Ear Tribe")
      • High Elf (風精人(ハイエルフ) hai erufu, lit. "Wind Spirit People")
      • Dark Elf (黑妖耳長族(ダークエルフ) dāku erufu, lit. "Black Mystic Long-Ear Tribe")
    • Dwarf (ドワーフ dowāfu)
    • Halfling (小人族(ハーフリング) hāfuringu, lit. "Short People Tribe)
    • Rabbitman (兎人族(ラビットマン) Rabittoman)
    • Kobold (犬頭族(コボルト) koboruto)
  • Monster (魔物(モンスター) monsutā, lit. "Demonic Object") [abstraction]
  • Aggressor (侵略種族(アグレッサー) aguressā, lit. "Aggression Race") [abstraction]
    • Insectar (蟲魔族(インセクター) insekutā, lit. "Insect-Demon Tribe")
    • Cryptid (幻獣族(クリプテッド) kuriputeddo, lit. "Mythical Beast Tribe")
  • Spectre (妖魔族 yōma-zoku)
    • Phantom (妖魔族(ファントム) fantomu)
    • Slime (粘性生物(スライム) suraimu, lit. "Viscous Creature")
    • Demon Slime (魔粘性精神体(デモンスライム) demonsuraimu, lit. "Demonic Viscous Spiritual Body") [S]
  • Tempest Serpent (嵐蛇(テンペストサーペント) tenpesutosāpento, lit. "Storm Snake") [A-minus; A (mutated)]
  • Evil Centipede (ムカデの化物(エビルムカデ) ebirumukade, lit. "Centipede Monstrosity") [B-plus]
  • Black Spider (大きな蜘蛛(ブラックスパイダー) burakkusupaidā, lit. "Big Spider") [B]
  • Giant Bat (吸血蝙蝠(ジャイアントバット) jaiantobatto, lit. "Blood-sucking Bat") [C-plus]
  • Armorsaurus (甲殻トカゲ(アーマーサウルス) amāsaurusu, lit. "Shell-Lizard") [B-minus]
  • Goblin (子鬼族(ゴブリン) goburin, lit. "Child Oni Tribe") [E]
    • Hobgoblin (人鬼族(ホブゴブリン) hobugoburin, lit. "Adult Oni Tribe") [D ~ B]
    • Goblina (人鬼族(ゴブリナ) goburina, lit. "Adult Oni Tribe") [D ~ B]
  • Ogre (大鬼族(オーガ) ōga, lit. "Large Oni Tribe") [B ~ B+]
    • Kijin (鬼人族(キジン) lit. "Oni People Tribe) (Possible meanings for Kijin: Eccentric/Aristocrat/Fierce God) [A]
    • Fair Oni (妖鬼(オニ) oni, lit. "Fairy Oni") [Special A~S]
    • Wicked Oni (悪鬼(オニ) oni, lit. "Evil Oni") [S]
  • Direwolf (牙狼族(がろうぞく) garou-zoku, lit. "Fang Wolf Tribe") [C]
    • Tempest Wolf (嵐牙狼族(テンペストウルフ) tenpesutourufu, lit. "Storm Fang Wolf Tribe") [B]
    • Star Wolf (星狼族(スターウルフ) sutāurufu, lit. "Star Wolf Tribe") [B+]
      • Star Leader (星狼将(スターリーダー) sutārīdā, lit. "Star Wolf General") [A-minus]
      • Tempest Star Wolf (黒嵐星狼(テンペストスターウルフ) tenpesutosutāurufu, lit. "Black Storm Star Wolf") [A]
  • Orc (豚頭族(オーク) ōku, lit. "Pig-Head Tribe") [D; C+ (under Starved effect)]
    • Orc Knight (豚頭騎士(オークナイト) ōkunaito, lit. "Pig-Head Knight") [C+]
    • Orc General (豚頭将軍(オークジェネラル) ōku jeneraru, lit. "Pig-Head General") [A-]
    • Orc Lord (豚頭帝(オークロード) ōkurōdo, lit. "Pig-Head Emperor") [A]
    • Orc Disaster (豚頭魔王(オークディザスター) ōkudizasutā, lit. "Pig-Head Demonic King") [Special A]
  • High Orc (猪人族(ハイオーク) haiōku, lit. "Boar People Tribe") [C]
  • Lizardman (蜥蜴人族(リザードマン) rizādoman, lit. "Lizard People Tribe") [C]
  • Dragonewt (龍人族(ドラゴニュート) doragonyūto, lit. "Draconic People Tribe") [B ~ A-minus]
  • Giant (巨人族(ジャイアント) jaianto, lit. "Giant Tribe")
  • Vampire (吸血鬼族(ヴァンパイア) vanpaia, lit. "Vampire Tribe")
    • True Ancestor Princess (真祖の姫君 Shinso no himegimi) [S]
  • Treant (樹人族(トレント) torento, lit. "Tree People Tribe")
  • Mezu (馬頭族(メズ) mezu)
    • Baki (馬鬼族(バキ) baki)
  • Gozu (牛頭族(ゴズ) gozu)
    • Gyuuki (牛鬼族(ギュウキ) gyuuki)
  • Spirit (精霊 seirei) [abstraction]
    • Lesser Spirit (下位精霊 kai seirei)
    • Greater Spirit (上位精霊 jōi seirei)
    • Grand Spirit (大精霊 dai seirei)
    • Spirit Queen (精霊女王(エレメント) eremento)
  • Pixie (妖精族(ピクシー) pikushī, lit. "Fairy Tribe")
    • Dryad (樹妖精(ドライアド) doraiado, lit. "Tree Fairy") [A ~ Special A]
    • Dryas (大霊樹(ドリュアス) doryuasu, lit. "Large Spirit Tree")
  • Doll (人形(ドール) dōru)
    • Dryas Doll Dryad (霊樹人形妖精(ドリュアス・ドール・ドライアド) doryuasu dōru doraiado, lit. "Spirit Tree Doll Fairy") [Special A ~ S]
  • Demon (悪魔族(デーモン) dēmon, lit. "Demon Race") [abstraction]
    • Lesser Demon (下位悪魔(レッサーデーモン) ressādēmon) [B ~ B+]
    • Greater Demon (上位悪魔(グレーターデーモン) gurētādēmon) [A-]
    • Arch Demon (上位魔将(アークデーモン) ākudēmon, lit. "Greater Demonic General") [A+ ~ Special A]
    • Demon Peer (悪魔公(デーモンロード) dēmonrōdo) [S]
  • Golem (魔人形(ゴーレム) gōremu, lit. "Demonic Doll") [abstraction]
    • Elemental Colossus (聖霊の守護巨像(エレメンタルコロッサス) Erementarukorossasu, lit. "Sentinel Colossus of the Holy Spirit") [Special A]
    • Arch Doll (魔将人形(アークドール) ākudōru, lit. "Demonic General Doll") [Special A]
    • Chaos Doll (聖魔人形(カオスドール) kaosudōru, lit. "Holy-Demonic Doll") [S]
  • Tengu (長鼻族(テング) tengu, lit. "Long-Nose Tribe")
  • Beastman (獣人族(ライカンスロープ) raikansurōpu, lit. "Beast People Tribe")
  • Harpy (有翼族(ハーピィ) hāpyi, lit. "Winged Tribe")
  • Deathman (妖死族(デスマン) desuman, lit. "Mystic Dead Tribe") [Special A ~ S]
  • Demonoid (人魔族(デモンノイド) demon'noido, lit. "Human-Demonic Tribe")
  • Dragonoid (竜魔人(ドラゴノイド) doragonoido, lit. "Drago-Demonic People")
  • True Dragon (竜種【最上位聖魔霊】 ryūshu [sai jōi shōma rei], lit. "Dragon Species [Supreme Holy-Demonic Spirit]") [Special S]