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Race (種族 shuzoku?) is a term used to describe the physiological species of beings.

Physical Beings


Humans (人間(ヒューマン) hyūman?) are a species that, although weak at birth, and being born without any Intrinsic Skills, are high in number and specialize in aura centric Arts, making them able to defend themselves against innately stronger Races despite their relatively small amount of magicules.


Demi-Humans (亜人(デミヒューマン) demihyūman?) are a classification of species that are all closely related to, and able to breed with, humans. They can be largely put into two major categories with only a few exceptions. Sprites which are descended from Fairies and include groups such as Elves, Dwarves, Oni, and Merfolk. And Beastial Races all of which either fall under the umbrella of or are derived from Lycanthropes and are a hybrid between humans and magical beasts. The notable exception to this rule are Lizardmen and Dragon-Newts which are instead the result of cross-breeding between humanized dragons and humanoid races.

Magic Beasts

Magic Beast (魔獣 majuu?) is a term that refers to any animal who's physiology has adapated to magicules. They are to animals what demi-humans are to humans, possessing a significantly larger amount of magicules and usually carrying intrinsic skills, they're a more common everyday threat than monsters. Examples include Blade Tigers and Unicorns.


Monster (魔物(モンスター) monsutā?) is a catch-all term that refers to all Magicule-based lifeforms. As magical beings, monsters do not require the essentialities of normal lifeforms—such as eating, drinking, sleeping, or breathing—and instead only require sufficient magicules for sustenance.

They can be broken up into two major groups. The mindless monsters which typically don't pay humans much attention and seek out prey with a large amount of magicules with the incentive of evolution. And the intelligent monsters otherwise known as Majin who tend to ally themselves with demon lords and their ilk instead of humanity.

Monsters commonly undergo evolutions that might drastically change their skills, intelligence, looks, and magicule capacities. In most cases the only requirement is reaching a certain level of Magicules, but certain conditions must be fulfilled in some cases.

Demi-Spiritual Lifeforms

Demi-Spiritual Lifeforms (半精神生命体 han-seishin seimei-tai?) are a type of being that are, as the name suggests, a step below Spiritual Lifeforms. They think with their spiritual body and make up the "lesser" races found within Spiritual Worlds. Examples include Slimes and Cryptids.

Spiritual Lifeforms

Spiritual Lifeforms (精神生命体 seishin seimei-tai?) are a type of being that can think and act with only their soul and astral body. They're beings of pure willpower that typically reside within spiritual worlds but are occasionally born among or evolved from material and demi-spiritual beings and need a physical vessel to remain inside the material plane.


Elementals (精霊 seirei, lit. Elemental Spirits?) are a major race of Spiritual Lifeforms that are strong agaisnt Demons but weak agaisnt Angels.

They're the spirits of nature and come into existence from collections of natural energy or as offshoots of a higher elemental. They feed off of natural energy to fuel their evolution and when incarnated into physical form they're collectively known as "Fairies".


Angels (天使族 tenshi-zoku, lit. "Heavenly Messenger Tribe"?) are a major race among the Spiritual Lifeforms and are holy beings derived from elementals. They have an advantage agaisnt Elementals but are disadvantaged agaisnt Demons.

A typical angel is born with both intelligence and knowledge but lacks any sort of meaningful emotion and have a naturally weak ego. They exist largely to be used as tools carrying out the will of Veldanava and attack the world in droves every 500 years in an event known as the Tenma War.

When incarnated it is possible for an angel to develop a strong ego as seen with Kaede and when corrupted by magicules an angel loses it's status as a holy being entirely and becomes known as a Fallen.


Demon (悪魔族(デーモン) dēmon, lit. "Devil Tribe"?) is a major race of Spiritual Lifeforms and are magical beings derived from elementals. They have an advantage agaisnt Angels but are disadvantaged agaisnt Elementals.

They spontaneously come into being within the Demon Realm, where they endlessly fight each other. At times they might be summoned into the Material World, where they require a Material Body to remain permanently or they will get ejected back into the Demon World by the rejection force of the Material World.

Demons have innately strong magic resistance, and while without a physical body use a temporary medium made out of magicules known as a "Magic Body" to interact with the material plane. This magic body makes physical attacks borderline useless agaisnt them as, even if damaged, they can simply revert it back to it's original shape. Once a Demon is incarnated into a physical vessel their energy sublimates inside of it and begins transforming into something truly their own. Their body however, does not retain the same benefits as a purely magical corpus and physical attacks can harm them. In particular, purely natural effects such as those produced by Elementals, are especially effective agaisnt demons as their resistance towards magic is meaningless.

Demons are considerably powerful with even the weakest Lesser Demons being ranked a solid B.

List of Races


  • Human (人間(ヒューマン) hyūman?)
  • High Human (真なる人類(ハイ・ヒューマン) hai hyūman, lit. "True Human Race"?)


  • Halfling (小人族(ハーフリング) hāfuringu, lit. "Short People Tribe?)
  • Elf (耳長族(エルフ) erufu, lit. "Long-Ear Tribe"?)
    • High Elf (風精人(ハイエルフ) hai erufu, lit. "Wind Spirit People"?)
    • Dark Elf (黑妖耳長族(ダークエルフ) dāku erufu, lit. "Black Mystic Long-Ear Tribe"?)
  • Dwarf (ドワーフ dowāfu?)
    • High Dwarf (地精人(ハイドワーフ) hai dowāfu, lit. "Earth Spirit People"?)
  • Merfolk (魚人族(マーマン) Māman, lit. "Fish People Tribe"?)
    • Siren (水精人(セイレーン) lit. "Water Spirit People"?)
  • Oni (?) [abstraction]
    • Enki (火精人(エンキ) lit. "Fire Spirit Person"?)
    • Divine Oni (鬼神(キシン)?)
      • Divine Fighter (闘神(トウシン)?)
    • Spirit Oni (霊鬼?)
      • Death Oni (死鬼族?)
    • Fair Oni (妖鬼(オニ) oni, lit. "Fairy Oni"?)
    • Kijin (鬼人族(キジン) lit. "Oni People Tribe?)
    • Ogre (大鬼族(オーガ) ōga, lit. "Large Oni Tribe"?)
    • Hobgoblin (人鬼族(ホブゴブリン) hobugoburin, lit. "Adult Oni Tribe"?)
    • Goblina (人鬼族(ゴブリナ) goburina, lit. "Adult Oni Tribe"?)
    • Goblin (子鬼族(ゴブリン) goburin, lit. "Child Oni Tribe"?)
  • Beastfolk (獣人 juujin, lit. "Beast People"?) [abstraction]
    • Lycanthrope (獣人族(ライカンスロープ) raikansurōpu, lit. "Beast People Tribe"?)
      • Spirit Beast (霊獣?)
      • Divine Beast (神獣(ジュウシン)?)
    • Tengu (長鼻族(テング) lit. "Long-Nose Tribe"?)
    • Rabbitfolk (兎人族(ラビットマン) rabittoman, lit. "Rabbit People Tribe"?)
    • Kobold (犬頭族(コボルト) koboruto, lit. "Dog Headed Tribe"?)
    • High Orc (猪人族(ハイオーク) hai ōku, lit. "Boar People Tribe"?)
      • Spirit Boar (霊猪?)
      • Divine Boar (猪神(シシガミ)?)
    • Orc (豚頭族(オーク) ōku, lit. "Pig-Head Tribe"?)
      • Orc Knight (豚頭騎士(オークナイト) ōku naito, lit. "Pig-Head Knight"?)
      • Orc General (豚頭将軍(オークジェネラル) ōku jeneraru, lit. "Pig-Head General"?)
      • Orc Lord (豚頭帝(オークロード) ōku rōdo, lit. "Pig-Head Emperor"?)
      • Orc Disaster (豚頭魔王(オークディザスター) ōku dizasutā, lit. "Pig-Head Demonic King"?)
  • Dragonewt (龍人族(ドラゴニュート) doragonyūto, lit. "Draconic People Tribe"?)
    • True Dragonewt (真・龍人族(ドラゴニュート)?)
  • Lizardman (蜥蜴人族(リザードマン) rizādoman, lit. "Lizard People Tribe"?)

Magic Beast

  • Blade Tiger (孤刃虎(ブレードタイガー) burēdo taigā?)
  • Bulldeer (牛鹿 Ushiroku, lit. "Cow Deer"?)
  • Hover Lizard (走行蜥蜴(ホバーリザード) hobārizādo, lit. "Running Lizard"?)
  • Pegasus (天馬(ペガサス) pegasasu, lit. "Winged Horse"?)
  • Thunder Tiger (白雷虎(サンダータイガー) sandā taigā?)
  • Unicorn (一角魔獣(ユニコーン) yunikōn, lit. "One-Horned Magical Beast"?)



  • Angel (天使族(エンジェル) enjeru, lit. "Heavenly Messenger Tribe"?)
    • Power (能天使(パワー) pawā, lit. "Skilled Heavenly Messenger"?)
    • Virtue (力天使(ヴァーチャー) vu~āchā, lit. "Powerful Heavenly Messenger"?)
    • Dominion (主天使(ドミニオン) lit. "Principal Heavenly Messenger"?)
    • Throne (座天使(ソロネ) sorone, lit. "Seated Heavenly Messenger"?)
    • Cherub (智天使(ケルプ) kerupu, lt. "Wise Heavenly Messenger"?)
    • Seraph (熾天使(セラフィム) serafimu, lit. "Blazing Heavenly Messenger"?)


  • Demon (悪魔族(デーモン) dēmon, lit. "Devil Tribe"?) [abstract]
    • Lesser Demon (下位悪魔(レッサーデーモン) ressā dēmon?)
    • Greater Demon (上位悪魔(グレーターデーモン) gurētā dēmon?)
      • Diable Chevalier (上位悪魔騎士(ディアブルシュバリエ) diaburu shubarie?)
    • Arch Demon (上位魔将(アークデーモン) āku dēmon, lit. "Greater Demonic General"?)
    • Demon Peer (悪魔公(デーモンロード) dēmon rōdo?)
      • Metal Demon (金属性悪魔族(メタルデーモン)?)
    • Devil Lord (悪魔王(デヴィルロード) devu~iru rōdo?)


  • Elemental (精霊 seirei, lit. "Elemental Spirit"?) [abstract]
    • Lesser Elemental (下位精霊 kai seirei, lit. "Lower Ranked Elemental Spirit"?)
    • Medium Elemental (中位精霊 chūi seirei, lit. "Middle Ranked Elemental Spirit"?)
      • Beast Gnome (ビーストノーム bīsuto nōmu?)
      • Salamander (火炎蜥蜴(サラマンダー) saramandā, lit. "Flame Lizard"?)
    • Greater Elemental (上位精霊 jōi seirei, lit. "Upper Ranked Elemental Spirit"?)
      • Ifrit (炎の巨人(イフリート) lit. "Flame Titan"?)
      • Sylphide (風の乙女(シルフィード) lit. "Wind Maiden"?)
      • Undine (水の聖女(ウンディーネ) lit. "Water Saintess"?)
      • War Gnome (土の騎士(ウォーノーム) lit. "Earth Knight"?)
    • Elemental Lord (精霊王 seirei ou?)
    • Grand Elemental (大精霊 dai seirei?)
    • Elemental Queen (精霊女王(エレメント) eremento?)


  • Pixie (妖精族(ピクシー) pikushī, lit. "Fairy Tribe"?)
  • Dark Goblin (邪鬼妖精(ダークゴブリン) dāku goburin, lit. "Evil Oni Fairy"?)
  • Dryad (樹妖精(ドライアド) doraiado, lit. "Tree Fairy"?)
  • Dryas (大霊樹(ドリュアス) doryuasu, lit. "Large Spirit Tree"?)
  • Flame Lord (炎の精魔霊王(フレイムロード) fureimu rōdo, lit. "Demonic Fire Elemental Lord"?)
  • Lorelei (岩妖精(ローレライ) rōrerai, lit "Stone Fairy"?)


  • Manas (神智核(マナス) manasu, lit. "Divine Wisdom Nucleus"?)



  • Demonoid (人魔族(デモンノイド) demon'noido, lit. "Human Monster Tribe"?)
  • Fallen (堕天族(フォールン) fōrun, lit. "Fallen Angel Tribe"?)
  • Giant (巨人族(ジャイアント) jaianto, lit. "Giant Tribe"?)
    • Divine Giant (巨神?)
  • Gozu (牛頭族(ゴズ) gozu, lit. "Cow Head Tribe"?)
    • Gyuuki (牛鬼族(ギュウキ) gyuuki, lit. "Cow Demon Tribe"?)
  • Harpy (有翼族(ハーピィ) hāpyi, lit. "Winged Tribe"?)
    • Spirit Bird (霊鳥?)
    • Divine Bird (鳥神(チョウジン)?)
  • Mezu (馬頭族(メズ) mezu, lit. "Horse Head Tribe"?)
    • Baki (馬鬼族(バキ) baki, lit. "Horse Demon Tribe"?)
  • Treant (樹人族(トレント) torento, lit. "Tree People Tribe"?)
  • Vampire (吸血鬼族(ヴァンパイア) vanpaia, lit. "Vampire Tribe"?)
    • True Ancestor Princess (真祖の姫君 shinso no himegimi?)


  • Death Dragon (死霊竜(デスドラゴン) desu doragon?)
  • Death Golem (死体人形(デスゴーレム) desu gōremu?)
  • Death Horse (死霊馬(デスホース) desu hōsu?)
  • Death Knight (死霊騎士(デスナイト) desu naito?)
  • Death Lord (死霊騎士長(デスロード) desu rōdo?)
  • Death Man (妖死族(デスマン) desu man, lit. "Mystic Dead Tribe"?)
  • Death Paladin (死霊聖騎士(デスパラディン) desu paradin?)
  • Death Wolf (死霊狼(デスウルフ) desu urufu?)
  • Dragon Zombie (腐肉竜(ドラゴンゾンビ) doragon zonbi?)
  • Gehenna Dragon (冥霊竜王(ゲヘナ・ドラゴン) gehena doragon, lit. "Underworld Spirit Dragon Lord"?)
  • Ghost (幽霊(ゴースト) gōsuto?)
  • Skeleton (骸骨(スケルトン) sukeruton?)
    • Skeleton Swordsman (骸骨剣士(スケルトン) sukeruton?)
    • Skeleton Archer (骸骨弓士兵(スケルトンアーチャー) sukeruton āchā?)
  • Spirit Skeleton (霊骨?)
  • Spirit Person (霊人?)
  • Wight (死霊(ワイト) waito?)
    • Wight King (死霊の王(ワイトキング) waito kingu?)


  • Aggressor (侵略種族(アグレッサー) aguressā, lit. "Aggression Race"?) [abstraction]
  • Cryptid (幻獣族(クリプテッド) kuriputeddo, lit. "Mythical Beast Tribe"?)
    • Insectar (蟲魔族(インセクター) insekutā, lit. "Insect-Demon Tribe"?)
      • Spirit Insect (霊蜂?)
        • Star Wasp (天星麗蜂(スターワスプ) sutā wasupu?)
      • Divine Insect (蟲神(コガミ)?)
    • Nine-Head (九頭獣(ナインヘッド) nain heddo?)
      • Ninetail (天星九尾(ナインテイル) nain teiru?)
      • Divine Fox (神狐(ジンコ)?)
  • Spectre (妖魔族 yōma-zoku?)
    • Phantom (妖魔族(ファントム) fantomu?)
      • Youten (妖天 lit. "Mystic Angel"?)
    • Shadow (影魔(シャドー) lit. "Shadow Monster"?)
    • Slime (粘性体(スライム) suraimu, lit. "Viscous Body"?)
      • Demon Slime (魔粘性精神体(デモンスライム) demonsuraimu, lit. "Demonic Viscous Spiritual Body"?)


  • Lesser Dragon (下位龍族(レッサードラゴン) ressā doragon?)
    • Wyvern (飛空龍(ワイバーン) waibān?)
  • Arch Dragon (上位龍族(アークドラゴン) āku doragon?)
    • Earth Dragon (地砕竜(アースドラゴン) asu doragon?)
    • Fire Dragon (火炎竜(ファイアドラゴン) faia doragon?)
    • Ground Dwelling Dragon (地眠竜 jimin ryū?)
    • Ice Dragon (氷雪竜(アイスドラゴン) aisu doragon?)
    • Sky Dragon (天空竜(スカイドラゴン) sukai doragon?)
    • Wind Dragon (烈風竜(ウインドドラゴン) uindo doragon?)
  • Dragon Lord (竜王(ドラゴンロード) doragon rōdo?)
    • Earth Dragon Lord (地砕竜王(アースドラゴンロード) asu doragon rōdo?)
    • Fire Dragon Lord (火炎竜王(ファイアドラゴンロード) faia doragon rōdo?)
    • Ice Dragon Lord (氷雪竜王(アイスドラゴンロード) aisu doragon rōdo?)
    • Wind Dragon Lord (烈風竜王(ウインドドラゴンロード) uindo doragon rōdo?)
  • Spirit Dragon (霊龍 rei ryuu?)
  • True Dragon (最上位聖魔霊──竜種 sai jōi shōma rei──ryūshu, lit. "Highest Tier Holy-Demonic Spirit──Dragon Species"?)
    • Ultimate Slime (最上位聖魔霊──竜魔粘性星神体(アルティメットスライム) sai jōi shōma rei──arutimetto suraimu, lit. "Highest Tier Holy-Demonic Spirit──Dragon Divine Demon Slime Body"?)
  • Elemental Dragon (精霊竜(エレメンタルドラゴン) erementaru doragon?)
    • Chaos Dragon (混沌竜(カオスドラゴン) kaosu doragon?)
  • Dragonoid (竜魔人(ドラゴノイド) doragonoido, lit. "Draconic-Demonic Person"?)


  • Golem (魔力人形(ゴーレム) gōremu?)
    • Bone Golem (人型骨魔人形(ボーンゴーレム) bōn gōremu, lit. "Humanoid Bone Demonic Doll"?)
    • Demonic Golem (魔人形(ゴーレム) gōremu, lit. "Demonic Doll"?)
  • Doll (人形(ドール) dōru?)
    • Dryas Doll Dryad (霊樹人形妖精(ドリュアス・ドール・ドライアド) doryuasu dōru doraiado, lit. "Spirit Tree Doll Fairy"?)
    • Arch Doll (魔将人形(アークドール) āku dōru, lit. "Demonic General Doll"?)
    • Chaos Doll (聖魔人形(カオスドール) kaosu dōru, lit. "Holy-Demonic Doll"?)
      • Chaos Metalloid (聖魔金属生命体(カオスメタロイド) lit. "Holy-Demonic Metal Lifeform"?)
  • Elemental Colossus (聖霊の守護巨像(エレメンタルコロッサス) erementaru korossasu, lit. "Sentinel Colossus of the Holy Spirit"?)


  • Armorsaurus (甲殻トカゲ(アーマーサウルス) amāsaurusu, lit. "Shell-Lizard"?)
  • Barghest (バーゲスト bāgesuto?)
  • Basilisk (バジリスク bajirisuku?)
  • Black Spider (大きな蜘蛛(ブラックスパイダー) burakku supaidā, lit. "Big Spider"?)
  • Black Tiger (黒毛虎 kurogetora?)
  • Blood Boar (鮮血の猪(ブラッドボア) buraddo boa?)
  • Direwolf (牙狼族(がろうぞく) garou-zoku, lit. "Fang Wolf Tribe"?)
    • Black Direwolf (黒牙狼族 kuro garou-zoku, lit. "Black Fang Wolf Tribe"?)
    • Tempest Wolf (嵐牙狼族(テンペストウルフ) tenpesuto urufu, lit. "Storm Fang Wolf Tribe"?)
    • Star Wolf (星狼族(スターウルフ) sutā urufu, lit. "Star Wolf Tribe"?)
    • Tempest Star Wolf (黒嵐星狼(テンペストスターウルフ) tenpesuto sutā urufu, lit. "Black Storm Star Wolf"?)
    • Divine Wolf (神狼?)
  • Evil Centipede (ムカデの化物(エビルムカデ) ebiru mukade, lit. "Centipede Monstrosity"?)
  • Giant Ant (巨大蟻(ジャイアントアント) jaianto anto?)
  • Giant Bat (吸血蝙蝠(ジャイアントバット) jaianto batto, lit. "Blood-sucking Bat"?)
  • Giant Bear (巨大熊(ジャイアントベア) jaianto bea?)
  • Grave Lizard (岩噛蜥蜴(グレイプリザード) gureipu rizādo, lit. "Rock Eating Lizard"?)
  • Hell Moth (地獄蛾(ヘルモス) heru mosu?)
  • Horned Bear (一角熊(ホーンベア) Hōn bea, lit. "One-Horned Bear"?)
  • Horned Rabbit (一角兎(ホーンラビット) Hōn Rabi~tsu, lit. "One-Horned Rabbit"?)
  • Hound Dog (狩猟犬(ハウンドドッグ) haundo doggu, lit. "Hunting Dog"?)
  • King Crawler (キングクロウラ kingu kuroura?)
  • Knight Spider (槍脚鎧蜘蛛(ナイトスパイダ) naito supaidā, lit. "Spear Legged Armored Spider"?)
  • Lesser Bat (牙蝙蝠(レッサーバット) ressā batto, lit. "Fang Bat"?)
  • Living Armor (動く鎧(リビングアーマー) ribingu āmā, lit. "Moving Armor"?)
    • Heavy Living Armor (動く重鎧(ヘヴィリビングアーマー) hevu~i ribingu āmā, lit. "Heavy Moving Armor"?)
  • Megalodon (空泳巨大鮫(メガロドン) megarodon, lit. "Sky Swimming Giant Shark"?)
  • Ogre Bear (人食熊(オーガベア) ōga bea, lit. "Man Eating Bear"?)
  • One-Eyed Owl (一目梟?)
  • Poison Frog (大毒蛙(ポイズンフラッグ) poizun furaggu, lit. "Giant Poisonous Frog"?)
  • Poison Lizard (岩毒蜥蜴(ポイズンリザード) poizun rizādo, lit. "Rock Poison Lizard"?)
  • Sage Rooster (千羽鳥 senbatori?)
  • Spear Toro (槍頭鎧魚(スピアトロ) supia toro?)
  • Tempest Serpent (嵐蛇(テンペストサーペント) tenpesuto sāpento, lit. "Storm Snake"?)