• Control Opponents like puppets.
  • Steals the heart of his target (an opponent or subordinate) and replaces it with a Magic Gem in this way the user can keep his target (exclave) alive, know his location, communicate with them telepathically and in case of betrayal or disobedience kill him.


  • Marionette Master: This ability allows him to make dolls out of majins whose souls he stole. Marionette Dolls can immediately regenerate and continue to attack if destroyed. However, these dolls aren't protected against attacks to their souls.


  • Rimuru obtained this Skill after devouring Clayman, but there is never any mention of this ability after this Event.
  • Clayman using this ability to remove the hearts of his subordinates to ensure their loyalty bears similarity to the half-demon Naraku from the manga InuYasha.
    • Naraku similarly would remove the hearts of demonic "incarnations" he would create from his own body. (With two exceptions) He would squash them for betrayal, or give painful squeezes for disobedience
    • Unlike Clayman's puppeteer ability, a replacement for the heart wasn't necessary as Naraku's incarnations could adapt to not having a heart.
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