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She is a Is average in build and height, has a prominent large bosom. Though her semi-closed eyes leave an impression, she gives off an "androgynous" air.


As a human world traveler, she is quite prideful of her power, which served only to see her humbled by the Royal Guard and exterminated. As a Seraphim she is no less arrogant, she seems to have a knack for using "punishment" in her dialogue during battle. She however immediately surrendered and yielded her powers to Testarossa when she realized she was severely outclassed. Her final mistake was in seeking protection from Vega as the war intensified, ending up as just another casualty of his rampage.


She was Summoned by Yuuki via Unique Skill Summoner.

She was one of 300 Yuuki's elite subordinates.


Ryuma Clash Arc

It's mentioned that She and other 300 Yuuki's Elite Subordinate were gathered in Manor at Eastern Empire Capital under order from Yuuki in order to discuss Coup d'état Plan after that He was Purged By Kondou, Damrada, Miraza and Royal Knight No. 7 - 10.

Tenma Great War Arc

Angered at the Devils before her she and Toruneoto were to fight with Testarossa. On seeing Toruneoto being split in half and disintegrated by his own element, Lightning Bomber, she gave up and asked for mercy. Being in a really good mood Testarossa let her go and allowed her to live in exchange for her Angel Powers and her fear. Afterward, she crawled away and left the battlefield seeking protection from none other than Vega, who inexplicably killed her not knowing from foe or friend from one another.


As one of Yuuki's Top Subordinate his abilities is far above Average Royal Knight.

Ultimate Skills


She wields the Nine Tail which is an item imbued with the wind element.


Yuuki Kagurazaka: Information to be added later.


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