Prelude to the Disaster (災厄の前奏曲 Saiyaku no Zensōkyoku) is the twenty-ninth episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the fifth episode of the second season.


Myulan takes action under Clayman's direction. And then another force - three Otherworlders sent by the Kingdom of Falmuth - turn on Tempest, where the Chancellor is absent.[1]


Youm and Mylan relax under a tree just outside of Jura Tempest Federation and have a little heart to heart with eachother. It's hinted at that they have feelings for each other, however, they could never be together due to her being under Clayman's control.

Down in the town, the citizens prepare for return of Rimuru. Mylan walks through it and runs into Gabiru's followers who transport a cart of potions. She soon visits Youm as he practices with Grucius and briefly watching them fight, gets telepathically contacted by Clayman. He threatens her to follow through with her mission or else the one he loves will die, meaning Youm, which although she denies it, Clayman warns her to not take him for a fool. Accepting her fate, Myulan resolves herself to follow through her mission.

At the town hall, Souei along with Souka report that armed Knights from Falmuth are heading to Tempest presumably for war. From a crystal ball, Albis contacts the group requesting that the people of Eurazania become refugees in Tempest. This is because in a week's time they'll face off against Demon Lord Milim.

Back in Tempest, Shogo, Kirara, and Kyoya arrive in the city and Shogo is immediately annoyed by the monsters and how developed the city is. Kirara is just as upset, but Kyoya not so much, but notes how boring the place is. Figuring that if they kill the Head Slime there, they'll take over the city. Wasting no time, Kirara starts a scene where she tries to pin Gobzo for touching her butt. Shogo and Kyoya join in on the scene trying to create a discord between the monsters and the humans. Just then, Gobta riding on a Direwolf arrives and manages to mediate the situation. Furious by the outcome, Kirara casts her Unique Skill Bewilder, onto Gobzo and Gobta, but it has no effect on the two. Confused by this outcome, Shuna and Shion arrive at the scene and Shuna deduces the Bewilder Skill's traits and power. Astounded that her Unique Skill was negated by Shuna, the Kijin asks Kirara and her group to leave the country for their outlandish act against the city. Refusing to obey, Shogo and Kyoya act apprehensively toward Shuna's demand and this leads to Shogo facing off against Shion and Ryoya against Gobza, Gobta, and his Direwolf.

Elsewhere, Clayman gives Myulan her final order which is to cut off all outside communications from Tempest. While trying to head off to fulfill her mission, she's stopped by Grucius who invites her to enjoy a cream puff with him. Myulan declines and tries to head off again, only for Grucius to once again stop her and mentions that he's heard that Demon Lord Milim has declared war against Eurazania. Stating that he believes there's a connection between that and Mylan's strange behavior. Myulan denies it and tries to run away, only to be once again stopped by Grucius. From there, Myulan reveals her true Majin form to Grucius and he deduces that she's under the control of Demon Lord Clayman. Youm then enters the scene and wants to know more about Myulan's situation. Astonished by Youm's tranquility toward her true form, Youm downplays it as nothing and confesses his love for her. Perturbed by Youm's confession, Myulan tries to argue that she's not the Myulan that he knows, but Youm embraces her and claims he'll fall for her deceit until the day he dies. After letting go of Myuland and getting into a scuffle with Grucius, activates her magic creating an anti-magic barrier. On the outskirts of the City, Reyhiem and his priests cast a second barrier Prison Field. The effects of the barrier that Myulan cast is felt by Shion who becomes languid, which delights Shogo.








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