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Predator (捕食者 hoshokusha) or Devourer (捕食者(クラウモノ) kuraumono) is a Unique Skill which comprises of five effects.


  • Predation (捕食 hoshoku): It absorbs the target into the body. However, if the target is conscious, the success rate greatly decreases. The affected targets include, but isn't limited to: organic matter, inorganic matter, skills, and magic.
  • Analysis (解析 kaiseki): The absorbed target is studied and analyzed. Craftable items can then be produced. If the required materials are present, duplicates can be produced. In the case of successful skill or magic analysis, the same technique can be acquired.
  • Stomach (胃袋 ibukuro): The target can be stored. Items produced via Analysis can also be stored. There is no storage time limit.
  • Mimicry (擬態 gitai): Replicate the target's appearance. The skills and abilities used by the target can also be used. However, this depends on the successful analysis and acquisition of relative information regarding the target. In case of evolution of someone from the user's progeny, the evolution carries over to the user as well, possibly even giving the user the ability to mimic a higher evolution stage than that which the member of the progeny evolved into.
  • Isolation (隔離 kakuri): Materials harmful or unnecessary for analysis can also be stored. They will be used to replace magic energy.


  • There was a certain wordplay that got lost in translation, involving this Skill:
Up until the Orc Disaster battle, Rimuru and Great Sage called the Skill
Predator (捕食者 hoshokusha),
so when the Light Novel chapter/manga chapter/anime episode titled
Devourer of All (全てを喰らう者 subete o kuraumono)
came around, the first assumption was that the title was referring to Orc Disaster Geld due to how ominous and wicked it sounds, however when Rimuru changed the way he called the Skill, referring to it as
Predator/Devourer (捕食者(クラウモノ) kuraumono)
instead, it revealed that the title of the chapter/episode was, in fact, referring to Rimuru himself as the "Devourer of All."