Physics Magic makes use of the law of physics by using magic to cause a physical phenomenon. Due to its nature, it cannot be blocked by magic barriers as magic is not directly being used.

Physics Magic is a form of magic outside of the traditional Elemental and Spiritual Magics.

Physics Magic involves using other forms of magic to influence physical phenomena. Because this influence is indirect, Magic Barriers cannot protect against it (as these barriers function exclusively on blocking and absorbing the magic itself).

This type of magic was independently discovered by Rimuru Tempest, although it was already known to the world. It is a closely kept secret known to a select few.

  • God’s Wrath (Megiddo): A skill which uses Elemental Magic to form multiple very large magnifying-glass water constructs in the air. These focus the energy of the sun into a devastating heat beam capable of reaching thousands of degrees. The constructs disintegrate after use, but the energy needed to replace and maintain them is very little. Because they are clear, thin lenses of suspended water, the constructs are almost impossible to see. The size and number of lenses can be changed to varying effects: decimating 1000 armored soldiers in a single shot to killing a single target instantly and without sound. This was invented by Rimuru Tempest. By using Water magic to create droplets of water in the shape of convex lenses in the sky, Rimuru condenses sunlight to the point where it becomes a massive laser beam. (Similar to using a Magnifying glass). Due to the low requirements of water magic, the water droplets can continually be replaced when they evaporate. The Massive energy beam is a physical phenomenon, and therefore cannot be blocked by magic disrupting barriers.
  • Physics Barrier: Magic Barrier specifically used to shield against Physics Magic. The secret technique is known to very few. It is said that the effective range is very limited. Hinata is implied to know this.
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