Paradise, Once More (楽園、再び Rakuen, Futatabi) is the twenty-seventh episode of the anime adaptation That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime and the third episode of the second season.


A meeting with King Gazel and a speech to the people following the declaration of mutual friendship with the Armed Nation of Dwargon. After completing these two major tasks, Rimuru slips out from Shuna's and Shion's sight and triumphantly heads to "that paradise," which he once promised to Gobta.[1]


The meeting between Rimuru and Gazel with respectively by their sides are Shion and Dorf starts. Immediately, Rimuru thanks Gazel for repealing the exile him and his Dwarven friends. Admittedly, it pained Gazel to exile Garm, Dord, Myrd, and Kaijin, however, their contributions to Tempest have been extraordinary. Vesta was invited to come to, however, he declined due to him not producing results to his research. Amused by hearing this, Gazel changes the subject to a more serious matter about the weapon used against Charybdis. Disconcerted by the question, Rimuru confesses that it was Milim who used her magic to destroy the monster. Believing that Rimuru isn't lying about this, Gazel accepts the fact as true. Just then Shuna arrives with a tray of Apple Brandy and serves it to everyone. Gazel and Dorf enjoy the brandy's taste and Gazel suspects that it was Dordon who distilled the fine liquor to which, Rimuru confirms. This leads to Rimuru to reveal that Tempest trades with Eurazania, which astounds Gazel and Dorf. It's stated that a trade alliance between the two factions could easily out do the merchant monopoly, Falmuth. Regardless of that, Gazel once again compliments the drink as one better than any he's gotten from Falmuth. Changing the subject, Rimuru asks Gazel about Falmuth and he answers that it's one of the top two western providences. Furthermore, in Gazel's opinion, he hates the King of Falmuth for his avaricious nature. The meeting then abruptly ends due to Shion's drunken stupor and is lead to her room by Rimuru and Shuna.

Eventually a formal announcement between Gazel and Rimuru about their kingdoms' declaration of friendship with each other. However, after the this, Rimuru is reproved by Gazel for his speech being to humble and light-hearted. Still though, Rimuru appreciates the advice given to him by Gazel and with all of the formalities out of the way. Rimuru plans on heading to the one spot in Dwargon where he can finally indulge in his most long awaited place.

Afterward, Rimuru, Gobta, and the other Goblin Riders all visit the Elven bar and meet Kaijin, Kaidou, Garm, Dord, and Myrd. While they're there, Gobta performs some tricks with a stool for the ladies there and because of the sexy appearance of one of the ladies he faucets blood out of his eyes, ears, nose, etc. causing him to faint. Soon, Rimuru talks with the barkeep about selling his Apple Brandy in the bar which shifts to the speech he gave earlier that day. The barkeep compliments it as she'd love to see a nation where multiple races can co-exist with one another.

Outside of the bar, the group is confronted by a livid Shuna and Shion. Beseeching to the two forgiveness using his cuteness, which works, however, they still impose a harsh punishment on Rimuru by having him eat Shion's cooking for a week.

Meanwhile, in the Falmuth Kingdom, a man known as Isaac introduces Myulan to Youm and his group. She notes the inadequate number of magicians in Youm's party and seeks to join it to help balance it. Initially, they decline, but she proves her magical prowess in a one on one match against Youm to convince to allow her to join their group.








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