Ogres (大鬼族(オーガ) ōga, lit. Large Oni Tribe) are B Rank Monsters. They are a high-class race, but few in numbers. They were one of the most powerful races in the Jura Forest.

The ogre village only housed 300 ogres. The size of a country's knights order. If one was planning on subjugating such a village with rank B- knights, one would need about 3,000 of them. The ogres often served as mercenaries.


They have a height surpassing two meters, their bodies are lumps of muscles.


400 years ago, a group of wounded armored warriors wandered into their village. The ogres decided to take care of them. To express their gratitude, the warriors taught the ogres their techniques and gifted them their armor. One of the warriors knew how to forge katana-styled weapons and eventually succeeded in producing large numbers of them.[1]

The Ogre Tribe was attacked by 10,000 orcs. And each one, like the humans, were fully armored in plate mail. Nearly every villager was slaughtered. The village chief and a small group opened up a path for their young master and the princess to escape, with four other subordinates.

During Rimuru's ascension to a True Demon Lord, some of the Hobgoblins evolved into Ogres.


The ogre race has extremely high vitality.

They are usually B-rank monsters, however, from training they can raise that rank to B+ or even A-.

The Ogres from Benimaru's village are masters martial arts and Arts thanks to the teachings of Hakurou and his grandfather who was an Otherworlder Japanese Samurai.

Other Ogre Tribes tend to favor combat focusing on raw strength. They slaughter their enemies by wielding heavy weapons with their brute strength.


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