"In other words the Walpurgis Banquet is just the Demon Lords gathering together to update each other on each other’s status while discussing trending topics. It’s just that the humans certainly wouldn’t know about that, but it’s really nothing dramatic."


Octagram (八星魔王(オクタグラム) okutaguramu, lit. "The Eight-Star Demon Lords") refers to an exceptionally powerful group of existences in the Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken universe. Although few have been active, they have all been ranked at least S simply for being members of the council.

When the time comes for the birth of a new Demon Lord, the other Demon Lords will not stay silent. If a fool freely calls himself a Demon Lord, he or she will be killed because they would have invoked the Demon Lords' wrath. However, if the said person could withstand the wrath of a Demon Lord, they themselves would be recognized as such.

But, a Demon Lord with such ability was not a common occurrence. Therefore, for a stranger to claim himself as a Demon Lord, it was necessary to get the support of at least two or more Demon Lords. As if you messed with the new Demon Lord, the supporting Demon Lords will become opponents at the same time.

There is a non-aggression pact between the Demon Lords. However, if one initiates a fight, they may gain the wrath of all the other Demon Lords.

The council had many different names in the past, the second-most recent being The Ten Great Demon Lords which was later changed by the Demon Lords to The Octagram through Rimuru's suggestion mainly due to Clayman's death and Frey's and Karion's announcement of stepping down and becoming Milim's subordinates, as well as the awakening of Rimuru as a True Demon Lord. Thus, resulting in them being reduced to 8 Demon Lords.

Walpurgis Banquet

From time to time the Demon Lord Council gathers together in what is known as the Walpurgis Banquet. This meeting takes place in a separate dimensional space and is supposed to handle serious issues, however very often the members of the council just use it as an excuse to hang around and have a Tea Party, unbeknownst to mankind, who view every instance of Walpurgis as a precursor to a worldwide war or another Tenma Great war.


Name Nickname Race Status Demon Lord Allies Place of Residence/Domain Other Allies
Guy Crimson. Lord of Darkness Demon True Demon Lord Leon, Milim, Ramiris Frozen Continent, Palace of White Ice Velzard
Milim Nava. Destroyer Dragonoid True Demon Lord

Rimuru, Ramiris, Guy

Capital of the forgotten dragon,

Beast Kingdom Yuurazania, Harpy Country Fulbrosia, Land of Puppets Jistarv

Ex-demon lord carion, Ex-demon lord Frey
Ramiris. Fairy of Labyrinth Fairy Queen of Fairies Rimuru, Guy, Milim, Dino Jura-Tempest Federation Beretta, Dragon Kings, Dryads
Dagruel. Continent's Wrath Titan __________ Dino Barren Lands __________
Ruminas Valentine.

Queen of Nightmares

Vampire True Demon Lord Rimuru Holy Empire Ruberios __________
Dino. Sleeping Ruler Fallen Angel True Demon Lord Dagruel,

Ramiris, Rimuru

Barren Lands, Jura-Tempest Federation __________
Leon. Platinum Saber Demonoid Chosen Hero Guy  Golden Valley El Dorado Sorceous Sarion Dynasty
Rimuru Tempest. Newbie Slime True Demon Lord Milim, Ramiris,

Ruminas, Dino

Jura-Tempest-Federation Veldora Tempest, Dwargon, Western States

Sorceous Sarion Dynasty

Ten Great Demon Lords (Defunct)


  • The previous Ten Great Demon Lords took about 3 months to decide on a name. During that time the humans already named them without their permission in the first place.
  • Rimuru only took 3 minutes to decide on a name for the current Demon Lords. (Octagram).
  • As stated by Kagali, "Curse Lord Kazaream," over 200 years prior to Rimuru's own admission into the group, the Council of Demon Lords once only consisted of Seven Members during the time of the creation of the rules of the Walpurgis Council and the three majority vote rule.
  • Due to the True Demon Lords gradually lessening their activities over the millennia. A majority of the world at large believe that the overall power of a Demon Lord to only be as powerful as a Demon Lord Seed due to no being having successfully ascended into one for the last few thousand years and the more active members of the Council being Carrion, Frey, Clayman, and Valentin, who only reached the level of Demon Lord Seed at the time. Causing individuals such as Mariabell Rosso to deem themselves powerful enough to fight against awakened ones, as seen where Mariabell underestimated Rimuru due to deeming that her power was superior to his by using Carrion as a benchmark.
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