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Those who believe in god should swear allegiance to the Holy Empire Ruberion!

Cardinal Nicolas Spertus is the man who sits at the pinnacle of the western religion, the sacred, inviolable, confidant pope of the holy kingdom Ruberios.


Nicolas is described as an ambitious, arrogant egotistical, cold-blooded man with the mask of a saint.

He is a shrewd man who would do anything that would give him profits as long as it doesn't depreciate the church.


  • Revival Magic (Resurrection: but revival is impossible.) Revival is only in the name because it is still incomplete magic.


  • Hinata Sakaguchi: He worships Hinata as if she was a goddess or a saint, further hinting that he is also in love with her.


  • Nicolas reciting tale Ten Great Demon Kings; originally there were three Guy Crimson, the "Lord of Darkness "Milim Nava, "Destroy," strongest there could be. Ramiris of the Labyrinth, plunging all to madness Their fame had spread from sea to sea

Stories told of burning cities and death abound, Fear of them even in the legends was found. 'As the tale had told, Ramiris had fallen from grace, 'Once shared in the Holy Spirit, but it abandoned 'And the warring Nava and Crimson in that place,' Peace between the two she demanded. 'These three are like gods, beyond all reason 'Against whom you’d never think of treason. Dagruel who would shake the ground. Valentine who terrorized the night. 'Such were the names these fiends found. 'Hallowed as Demon Lords, such was their right. 'Dagruel guarded the gates of heaven in the land of the dead, 'Into a demon lord he mutated after magic he was fed. These two were famous demon lords. As to the demon lord in question–Ruminas that would probably be the Vampire princess Valentine. As the queen of the vampires, she had overwhelming magical power. An evildoer with an absolutely beautiful appearance. The city she ruled over, a beautiful flower of the night, Night Rose, was burned to cinders in a battle with Storm Dragon Veldora. And since then no one had seen Demon Lord Valentine again. Since no one had confirmed whether she had perished, she was still considered a part of the Great Ten Demon Lords—Vampire Princess Valentine. In other words, the Demon Lord Valentine is playing the role of God Ruminas.

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