To think of her as irresponsible is virtually impossible.

She has no experience in love.


She was originally a witch. Persecuted by humans, she was on the run around 700 years ago. After uncovering the secrets of evolution, she bestowed its benefits unto herself. That is, she gained eternal youth. 300 years after that she became a magic-born.

Around 400 years ago, Clayman succeeded the previous demon lord. The moment he did, he began hunting down named magic-born and monsters to steal their hearts. Making them swear loyalty to him, he inscribed a curse onto their hearts, making them his eternal servants. Myulan met the same fate.

Even though she gained the power of a magic-born after evolving, she was far weaker than Demon Lord Clayman; and so, after being defeated, she had the curse of servitude engraved on her heart. As a result, her status did increase, but she was hardly happy about it. And since then, she became one of Clayman's marionettes.

She could understand magic-borns like Gelmudo who yearned for their own servants. Myulan was waiting for an opportunity. To dispel the curse and strike at Clayman. Her long life, however, testified against such opportunity. The difference in their abilities was too great. So her servant life continued. She merely hoped to one day be released from the curse.

While under disguise in Tempest, Myulan took on the form of a human, and joined the Frontier Garrison. As the garrison's Shaman, she is serving as an officer. Although she looked down on them, talking to them for some time stirred up strange emotions in her heart.


She was assigned by Clayman secretly investigate Tempest. She joined the Frontier Garrison along with Grucius as a way to infiltrate the city.

Ever since Myulan joined the Frontier Garrison, every day was an extremely busy day. Just because she took up the duty of a shaman, didn't mean was any less busy. Sometimes an individual curious about the dark arts would come along, and she would teach them. If they were simple curses, she could teach them. Before she became a magic-born she was originally a witch. Teaching curses used by humans was a simple task.

What she was busy with was as a staff officer, another one of her positions. Giving commands for the platoon to meet up in the Tempest, and reporting to the captain, she handled all of that.

When she reported to him the information about the city that she obtained, at that time he was in a good mood and said, “After you finish the next ordered task, you will be released.” She rejoiced in the fact she would be rewarded her freedom.

The Frontier Garrison suddenly received a summoning order to return and report. Even if it sounds strange, all of them couldn't disobey the order and so they returned to the Count's territory in the Farmas Kingdom. Then, when they entered the Count's territory, they noticed that there were a lot of soldiers. When the scout returned with the information, which said that they were to attack Tempest. Youmu immediately asked Grucius and Myuran to relay this information to Tempest. Since those two were new recruits, they were also not the Count's subordinates, so their faces weren't known. Receiving their orders, Grucius was to report to Rimuru, while Myulan was to inform the city.

But, tragedy occurred, because the report from Myulan never arrived. This was because Clayman ordered her not to, finding the war interesting. Although he said that this is the last order, she never received her heart back.

Rimuru pierced Myulan's chest and crushed her temporary heart, lifted the curse, and then her created a new core. She had finally become free, but choose to be "tied down" for the short duration of a human lifetime.


Not only black magic (jujutsu/hex) and magic arts (majutsu/sorcery), barrier arts are also her specialty.

Entry is possible if she obstruct the flow of energy. But it will be restored once she enters.


  • Incantation-Based Magic


Extra Skills


  • Grucius: While undercover she became best friends with Grucius.
  • Youmu: She has decided to lead Youmu so that Rimuru will never treat him as an enemy. Thus, she made an oath, to protect at all cost.
  • Rimuru: She holds respect for Rimuru not only as a leader but also as the person who gifted her with her freedom and a second chance at life.


  • Myulan pursues the ultimate arcane magic.