The Moderate Harlequin Alliance is a group of jacks-of-all-trades that can be hired to do various kinds of jobs.


The group was created by Kazaream when he was a demon lord.[1]


Forest Disturbance Arc

The group was working under Gelmud and was helping in the creation of a puppet Demon Lord.[2]

Demon Lord Attack

Tear managed to gain the info that Demon Lord Frey feared the return of Charybdis, and share this info with Clayman.

Footman and Tear incited Phobio to become the host of Charybdis in order to battle with Demon Lord Milim Nava.[3]

The Octagram Soars Brightly Arc

While Clayman went to the Walpurgis Banquet, Laplace tried to infiltrate the Western Saints Church to try and find out the secret behind it. Footman and Tear helped to observe the war between Clayman's army and Milim's followers against the combined forces of Jura Tempest Federation and Beast Kingdom Yuurazania.[4]

Saint-Monster Confrontation Arc

Majins’ Secret Maneuver Arc


At least several of the members are at a Demon Lord level of strength.



  • This group had a much smaller role in the Web Novel compared to the Light Novel.


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