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Miranda (ミランダ Miranda) is one of the Bosses of Cerberus, a secret society organization.

She governed over beauty.


She is the type woman that will use her charm and beauty to manipulate males as she pleases.


She looked like a young girl, but also like a mature woman. She was a woman who emitted a bewitching charm.



Although she is inferior to Vega and Damrada in terms of fighting prowess, she still possessed decent strength (A-Rank).

She made full use of her "womanly" charms, to entice the male enemy. With her usual method of charming with〈Perfume curse〉and〈illusion series〉, she would impair her opponent's thinking while dominating them. Even a man who was the Army Corps Leader (Calgurio) was no match against Miranda's spells.

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