Abilities and Gears
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Milim is one of the most powerful Demon Lords among the Octagram and a genuine Special S Rank Catastrophe-class, making her one of the strongest beings in the world. She once fought Guy Crimson for 7 whole days until Guy and Ramiris managed to pacify her.


Ultimate Skill

  • Wrathful King Satanael: The skill converts the user's wrath into energy; the angrier the user is, the greater the power. Additionally, the power of the user grows the longer the user fights. In other words, in a battle of attrition, the opponent will be at a huge disadvantage against the user.

Unique Skills

  • Milim Eye: She has eyes with analytical abilities, with which she can measure abilities. Using this eye, the dragon eye, she can see the target's magical energy even if they try to hide it so no one can pretend to be weak before her.
  • Milim Ear:


  • Dress Change Magic: A type of magic that lets the user swap clothes and equipment at will. It's generally used by those who have a lot of equipment however, due to needing to learn Spatial Magic beforehand it's difficult to learn.
  • Spatial Magic:


Drago Nova

Milim using Drago Nova

  • Drago Buster: Energy attack that contains the essence of Milim "holding back," enough to destroy a Disaster-class opponent (at the Demon Lord Seed level) like Charybdis in one hit.
  • Drago Nova: This is the Drago Buster used without holding back. It is strong enough to level an entire country (Beast Kingdom Yuurazania).


  • Dragon Knuckles: Gifted to Milim by Rimuru. The point of such gloves would be to prevent injury when punching barehanded and to increase the force of the blow normally but Rimuru's goal was the exact opposite of the latter point - to decrease the force of the blow. The light but dense Magic Steel is actually surrounded by shock-absorbing material. When she equips this, her blow will be reduced to only 10% of its norm to prevent her from accidentally injuring others during spars.
  • Demon Lord's Ring: Communication artifacts between the Octagram Demon Lords.
  • Armor (battle mode):
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