"“Hello, hello! I am the demon lord Milim Nava. You look like the strongest hombre in town, so I wanted to come ’n’ say hi!” ".

Milim, to Rimuru

Milim Nava (ミリム・ナーヴァ mirimu nāva) is the second seat Demon Lord of the Octagram. She is one of the strongest and oldest among all other demon lords. Milim is a carefree individual who just wants to do something to stave off her boredom.


Normal Form

Although Milim is a Dragonoid, she looks like a regular human girl at the age of a teenager, making many people confuse her as a harmless existence at first. She has glossy pink hair tied in twin-tails. She usually wears a black skimpy dress that barely covers her body.[1] After meeting Rimuru, she also regularly wore the Dragon Knuckles that was gifted to her.[2]

Battle Mode

In this form, Milim actually looks more like the Dragonoid that she is, having a crimson horn adorning her forehead and jet black armor adorning her body. She also sprouts wings.[3]


Milim is the most short-tempered and childish Demon Lord and what the rest would consider common sense is completely lost on her. However, though she might be short-tempered, she is not stupid. Calling her a kid or treating her like a weakling will arouse her anger or even cause her to respond with violence.

She didn't have anyone she considered a true friend before she met Rimuru. She was merely looking for anything that could stimulate her and relieve her of her boredom, treating most of those weaker than her as mere toys. However, after she met Rimuru things changed drastically. She was shown many facets of entertainment that Rimuru City offered and her violent temper mellowed a lot as a result. She considers Rimuru as her only "True Friend" and her "Bestie."


Milim is one of the strongest and most ancient demon lords. She is known as the "Destroyer," a "Catastrophe" type demon lord whose power is the epitome of destruction itself. She befriends Rimuru and decides to live in Tempest, though she chooses not to interfere with other demon lords' action. She is the child of the True dragon Veldanava and Lucia. Milim grew up without ever seeing her parents' faces with her pet dragon Gaia as her only friend. It was later revealed that her father, Veldanava, planned to reincarnate using Gaia as his vessel. However, her pet dragon was killed by a foolish country. In her anger, Milim destroyed the country and awakened as a True Demon Lord. Furthermore, her overwhelming fury caused her to lose all sense of reason and consciousness, prompting Guy Crimson to fight her in an attempt to stop her rampage. That battle continued for seven days and seven nights, transforming the bountiful lands in the west into a barren wasteland. Eventually, Milim regained her consciousness and the battle concluded with a draw. The one who returned her sanity was Ramiris. In the process, the Ruler of Spirits Ramiris absorbed the evil magic of demons and the powerful aura of dragons and began to change. But, through her sacrifice, she was able to stop Milim's destruction. The three later became good friends and would regularly meet up and talk, forming the very first rudimentary Walpurgis Banquet.


Rimuru Tempest

Milim's only best friend and provider of endless, fun entertainment. Milim sometimes runs away from her domain (as she hates responsibilities like ruling) to hang around with Rimuru and eat sweets in Tempest, she also competes on who to be the suitable wife for rimuru and snuck on his bed at the end of the series.


One of the only people capable of fighting Milim seriously and forcing a draw, as shown when he initially tried stopping Milim's rampage.


Her subordinate and a former demon lord, Frey is now a mother-like figure for Milim as she is always carefree and doesn't do her duties like maintaining her domain.


Her subordinate and a former demon lord. He had fought against Milim and lost, prompting him to step down as a Demon Lord and serve Milim.

Dragon Faithful

They are human-looking dragonewts who worship Milim.


Her friend as a demon lord. Milim and Ramiris grew closer as both of them love to play in the labyrinth in Tempest.


Her friend, they grew closer as they usually play in the tempest labyrinth together.


Gaia is her pet dragon.


  • She has golden hair color and wears gothic cloth in the Web Novel while she has pink hair color and wears a skimpy outfit in the canon materials.
  • Milim owns a god-class sword named "Tenma" which was gifted by Guy in the Web Novel.
  • Milim loses her sanity if she powers up too much.
  • Milim is the only Dragonoid in the entire series.
  • The name "Milim" is an ancient Dalriadan-Scottish nickname for a bald person; the name may refer to a member of a religious order. The Gaelic forms of the name are Mac Mhaolain or Mac Ghille Mhaoil, both of which mean son of the bald or tonsured one.


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