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  • Thank you so so much, for the new images. They are amazing I have been looking for high quality images for everyone.

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  • Welcome to the Tensei Shitara Slime datta ken Wiki!
    Hi there!

    There's still a lot of things to do here, so I'm glad you decided to join this wiki ~

    • Check out the Policies and Guidelines article, to learn about the rules used in this wiki.
    • You could go to the Helping Out! article, to see pages that are in need of attention and on-going projects.
    • Stop by on the Manual Style page, a great start on knowing this wiki's style.
    • You could also add more information in various pages.

    Your contributions will always be appreciated!

    Rimuru Slime Anime
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    • Excuse me!? What do you mean "by new years"? You are quite something to call me out for "coming out of nowhere" when you were inactive for 6+ months without objecting to anything I did so far and now you answered my question about "a good reason" for changing the volumes back with "because we always did it like that!"... fine, difference of opinion. Everyone might have their own preferences. If it went that way and you followed up more like BrainDeadZero I'd most likely relent anyway, since it'd ultimately just lead to longer links at worst and there'd be no issues otherwise.

      But "by new years", really? Did you really just write that? Are you actually, seriously, unironically, setting a deadline for me? Do you think you are my "nicely asking" boss or something?

      You know what? If you really like your old policies and the site you basically abandoned for months so much, then have it your way on your own dime. This is it, then, since I can already foresee our views diverging more and more in the future. I feel like just from the few exchanges of words, I doubt we'd ever be able to get along.

      I guess I quit from my long-term committment here (making order out of the mess of self-contradictory WN/LN mixing), aside from the occasional edit I feel like doing. Well, have fun with your old policies, Toji-san (assuming you aren't going straight back into inactivity after this stunt). In regards to this series I'll do something more productive in the meantime, e.g. proofread the main manga scanlations like I did for chapter 66.

      And sorry, BrainDeadZero, I feel like you are the one losing out most from this despite you not having done anything wrong.

      Well, this rant aside, have a nice 2020, everyone!

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    • I was inactive because I was entering college, also I kindly asked you to do this because Zero agreed with me, if he didn't I wouldn't have pushed the issue further.

      Also, it wasn't really a deadline just saying I wanted the redirects to be done quickly. For your rude remarks, which I will not take to heart cause I have been working on this wiki far longer than you and one of the major reasons, you are coming to this wiki to edit due to the changes I made. I simply asked you to do something and my other admin agreed with me, which is democracy I believe.

      But out of pettiness, you have decided to leave when all I asked was that you redirect the light novel pages back to their original state, all I can say is that it might be a loss for the wiki but as with life people move on, I am sure when season 2 starts more editors will come.

      Thank you, also have a good 2020.

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