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Megiddo (神之怒(メギド) megido, lit. "God's Wrath") is Physics Magic used by Rimuru Tempest to gather ten thousand Souls for his Harvest Festival.


This magic uses Spirit Magic to create small water droplets shaped by Water Elementals to create lenses that focus light into laser beams that are deadly to humans even at Rank A like Folgen. Smaller water droplets are then used as mirrors to redirect the lasers toward the targets.

This process is very energy efficient the attack itself uses no Magicules, Natural Energy, or Spirit Particles, so any anti-magic barriers are entirely useless against the beams.


  • It can only be used at daytime.
  • Scattering fine particles like dust or sand can impede or negate the attack.
  • Being Physics Magic, it cannot be blocked with an Anti-Magic barrier, but yes, if you use a Physics barrier or a wall/shield of the first category.


  • Rimuru gained the inspiration for this magic from Hinata's Disintegration Magic.
  • The name of the Magic, "Megiddo," is the Hebrew word for Armageddon, as well as the name of a place in Israel called Tel Megiddo, which is the prophesized location of the final battle between good and evil.
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