Meeting the Goblins (ゴブリンたちとの出会い Goburin-tachi to no Deai) is the second episode of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime anime.


The slime Satoru Mikami and the Storm Dragon Veldora decide to give each other names. Veldora gives the slime Mikami the name "Rimuru," and Rimuru comes up with a family name for both of them: "Tempest." Then Rimuru uses his Predator skill to take Veldora into his body and analyze the "Infinite Prison" seal in hopes of breaking it... but this action sends a shock through the nations surrounding the Jura Forest. With Veldora gone, there's a chance that the larger nations could become bold and invade the smaller provinces. With no knowledge of this, Rimuru leaves the cave and meets some Goblins.


Mikami and Veldora discuss the idea of leaving the cave, while the slime is free to go any time he wants Veldora remains trapped. Towards that end Mikami wants to use Predator to study the barrier and find a way of dismantling it using Great Sage. At minimum Mikami will contain Veldora's dwindling magic reserves and ensure that he doesn't fade away.

Veldora agrees to the plan but before they continue he gives the slime the name Rimuru and asks the slime for a last name for both of them: Tempest. Once the newly christened Rimuru Tempest eats the dragon he learns, to his disappointment, that he can no longer communicate with him. At the same time various monsters and governments sense the dragon's disappearance and begins moving to investigate and take advantage.

Instead Rimuru eventually finds the way out of Veldora's cave thanks to A trio of adventurers sent to investigate Veldora's prison. Over the next month Rimuru hunts and eats a variety of different monsters and steals their abilities, learns how to swim and fire a water blade and continues to strip the cave of resources. Finally Rimuru finds his way out of the cave and eventually comes into contact with a group of Goblins.

The Goblins explain that after the disappearance of their guardian deity, Veldora, various monsters have started moving into the forest trying to stake their claim, among them a group of Fanged Wolfs have been attacking them. The goblins, weak in body and armed with poor equipment, stand no chance against the wolfs that both out number and out gun them and so witnessing the great power of Rimuru Tempest's aura request his help.

Rimuru, thinking briefly on his past life and his inability to say no, agrees to help the goblins fend off the wolfs.


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