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Welcome to the Community to-do list. This page is usually viewed on Special:Community, where you'll see some lists from special pages. Below are some ways you can get involved with this wiki and help out.

Separating WN/LN content

Much of the wiki's contents are based on the web novels, including characters and story arcs. To keep articles up-to-date, we would like to invite editors to update articles to use light novel information.

What will happen to the WN content? If there are minimal differences between WN and LN, it can be kept in a Trivia section or removed entirely. For significant differences, it may be split into two articles with {{Media icons}} placed at the top. This is to note that only character pages and major pages like Tempest and Rank should be split, Characters' subpages such as abilities, relationships should not be split but instead information from the web novel be covered using the {{Hidden}}.


Summarizing articles

A lot of articles, particularly story arcs and manga chapters, are lacking in content. To avoid stubs, a summary can be added to improve the article.


Articles needing summaries:

Citation, reference and sourcing

Many articles lack any form of references or sources. If a particular information seems questionable, you may challenge it by marking the statement with {{cite}}.

To cite a source, you can use <ref></ref>. At the botom of the page, use <references /> or {{Reflist}}. Refer to Help:Cite for more help regarding citations.

Examples of pages with proper references/citations:


There are articles that contain a lot of grammatical errors, improper use of punctuation marks or does not follow the wiki's standards.

Articles that need cleanup: