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What Tensura Wiki is Not!

Welcome! If you are viewing this from Special:Community, you'll probably see a few boxes above this text. These boxes are extracts from Insights, and serve as a general overview of what users can do to help the wiki. Below is a list things we believe can be further improved on this wiki.

Please note that some sections may contain advanced topics. It is recommended that you familiarize yourself with such topics before proceeding, especially with wikitext, templates and source editing.


tl;dr: We would like to summarize these pages. For more explanation, keep on reading.

WN / Arc pages / LN

See: Category:Arcs and Category:Light Novel

The series is divided into various story arcs. These pages could use a summary. The first arc (Empowerment Arc) is more or less complete, and is based on the web novels. The summary for Light Novel Volume 5 is currently stalled, but should serve as a good example of what format to follow. Ideally, differences from the web and light novels (if any) should also be mentioned on both the arc and light novel pages.

Manga (chapters)

See: Category:Chapters and Category:Manga

Manga chapters are pretty bare-bones right now. You can help improve them by adding a brief summary of the chapter. Character appearances, spells used and other tidbits can also be added. These chapter summaries can also be compiled to form a summary for manga volumes.

Anime episodes

Episode pages are largely complete. They just need to be proofread for any errors.

Article Management

Stubs and cleanups

Does the article seem to have little to no information? If so, add {{Stub}} to the top of the page. This will mark it as a stub and it will be listed on Category:Article stubs.

Maybe the article has plenty of info, but contains grammatical errors, poor wording or formatting. Add {{Cleanup}} to alert readers that the page may need a revision.

Hate seeing all these notices? Edit the page so it meets the wiki's standards and layout guide. Once you are satisfied it meets the criteria, you may remove the template.

Delete an article

Does an article not belong on this wiki? Created a new page by mistake and want it deleted? Add {{Delete}} at the top of the page (optionally, you may also add the reason for deletion. See the template documentation for more info).

Only admins and content moderators have the ability to delete articles. They will review the Candidates for deletion, and delete the articles if no objection has been raised.

Do you disagree with the candidates for deletion? Leave a comment on the talk page, or improve the article and remove the {{Delete}} template.

Citation, reference and sourcing

See also: Project:Sourcing Guide

Many articles currently lack any form of references or sources. If a particular information seems questionable, you may challenge it by marking the statement with {{cite}}.

To cite a source, you can use <ref></ref>. At the botom of the page, use <references /> or {{Reflist}}. Refer to Help:Cite for more help regarding citations.

Examples of pages with proper references/citations: