Master of the Direwolves (牙狼族の主 garō-zoku no aruji) is the third chapter of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime manga adaptation.


Rimuru saves the goblin village from annihilation and earns their loyalty. To his surprise, he also became the master of the Direwolves. Just for convenience's sake, Rimuru decides to name all of them, unaware of the consequences it will behold.

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After using several recovery potions that he made on the goblins, Rimuru begins to set up a plan using his skills to set up a defense of the goblin village. After gaining sight on the village, the wolf boss is warned of the slime's threat. The wolves still begin to attack, finding themselves fighting an uphill battle as they cannot break the defenses. The boss soon challenges the defenses, only to be killed. After using Predator on the direwolf boss, Rimuru issues a warning to the surviving wolves to run. The wolf clan, however, submits themselves. After this event, Rimuru chooses to name all the members of the village, including the direwolves. After falling into a recovery sleep for three days from naming, he reawakens, startled to find all of the village member's appearances changed.

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  • Hipokte Grass




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