Indeed. Next time, we will be able to do it next time. I shall gamble on my name, Mariabell the "Greed!"

Mariabell Rosso

Mariabell Rosso (マリアベル・ロッゾ mariaberu rozzo) is the granddaughter of Granbell Rosso and a Reincarnated Otherworlder.


She looks like a petite young girl at the age of 10 with smooth blond hair and pink eyes akin to her pink lips. She looks similar to her late Grandmother Maria


She has a very greedy personality and is very rational in her decision making. She is notorious for manipulating many people's "desires" for her own ends. She is very confident in her abilities.


Mariabell was an Otherworlder who died and got reincarnated here as a new person carrying her memory of the previous world.

She is the princess of Siltorozzo, a small constituent nation of the western alliance north of Farmas kingdom. The Royal family of Siltorozzo is called Russo family and it built its strong roots in the Western Nations and owns all authority. The members of their family had a hand in every powerful nation, including the likes of Farmus and Ingracia. It was also their family's contributions that led to the creation of the Western States Council. To the outside world, it appears that the Council elects its members from every nation. But they are, in fact, mostly members of the Rosso family. And their increased presence grants them enough prestige to surpass powerful nations. Yuuki Kagurazaka's funds to found the Freedom Association also came from the Rosso. If anything, these elders could be considered the rulers of the Western Nations and their leader is Granbell. Dominating the human world through the economy, that is the ultimate goal of Russo family


Granbell Rosso: Her grandfather who trusts her and cares for her greatly.

Rimuru Tempest: She considers Demon lord Rimuru to be her biggest obstacle in attaining her goal.

Yuuki Kagurazaka: She sees him as a useful pawn.


Unique Skill: Greed

It is a sin series unique skill which is said to be most powerful among unique skills. It's effects are;

  • Dominate other people through controlling their desires
  • Steal life force
  • Use your own life force for increasing your battle prowess and it can be applied to the dominated subjects as well
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