One can't become a magician just from reading this a magic book. Also, they aren't cheap, magic is a rich man's hobby. The masses, without connections, can never learn magic.

Rimuru Tempest notes that magic is "an idea projected into reality" during his creation of the Extra Skill Magic Haki.


Magic books can only be written down by hand. Though the Ghost Researchers have the copying machine, it rejects magic manuscripts.

Type of Magic

  • Arcane Magic
  • Arcane Soul Recall
  • Magic Energy Manipulation Archive
  • Flight Magic
  • Spirit-Based Magic
  • Elemental-Based Magic
  • Transfer Magic
  • Summoning Magic
  • Dress Change Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Holy Magic
  • Nuclear Strike Magic
  • Thought Battle Magic
  • Physics Magic
  • True Dragon Species Magic
  • Upper-tier Spirit Summoning
  • Upper-tier Demon Summoning
  • Original Magic
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