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Luminous Valentine (ルミナス・バレンタイン ruminasu barentain) is a Demon Lord member of Octagram and the True Ruler of Holy Empire Ruberios.


She is a cute silver-haired girl. Her heterochromatic eyes glisten in deep crimson and light sky blue. This, among her many strikingly beautiful features, is the most prominent one. What garners the most attention, are two pure white teeth that peak from within her small lips. When her small lips part, they reveal a set of pure white fangs. She is commonly seen wearing gothic dresses but seems to have a penchant for maid uniforms too.


Luminous is a usually haughty individual who basks in her superiority when sitting on her throne or when acting out her official position as a ruler, however, she has no problems with pretending to be a maid when it comes to hiding her true identity.


In the past Luminous' Vampire country had been destroyed by Veldora. Due to that, she established Ruberios and became its ruler in the shadows.


  • Chloe:
  • Rimuru:


A genuine Rank S Disaster-class Demon Lord, specifically a True Demon Lord. Luminous was strong enough to defeat Hinata Sakaguchi in the past and was able to completely nullify her Usurper.


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