Lucia [ルシア, Rushia] was the woman who Star Dragon Veldanava fell in love with, and is Milim Nava's mother.


She has silver hair and a very beautiful figure and her physique is extremely similar to Milim's, thus other people could mistake her as Milim in her Adult Form.



According to Guy Crimson, Veldanava fell in love with a woman and ultimately this led to the birth of Milim, who took most of Veldanava's power upon her birth. Emperor Rudra notes that this woman's name was Lucia and that she and Veldanava perished shortly after Milim was born, in a magic attack caused by another country plotting against the Nasca Kingdom. Killed by the world itself, which is why his Justice King Michael, an Ultimate Skill that seems to even defy the person who possesses it, regards the world itself as a sinful existence alongside everything that just happens to exist within it.

Velda let Lucia's body that he had kept to borne a seraph, and brought back her appearance of when she was still alive and moved Justice Lord Michael into Lucia's body like a heartless doll.

It could be that Michael is suited to be the guardian that would protect Lucia's body. Because of Michael, it's not possible to wound or to even touch Lucia's body, as long as Velda yearned for Lucia.



  • Manas: Lucia (God's Justice Core) [Justice King Michael's core. Acts as a pseudo-soul for Lucia's body as her soul is still lost.]
    • Armageddon
    • Castle Guard
    • Regalia Domination

Ultimate Skills

  • Wisdom King Raphael (when she was still alive)
    • Thought Acceleration
    • Appraisal
    • Parallel Processing/Analysis
    • Chant Annulment
    • Fusion
    • Separation
    • All of Creation
    • Though: Analysis and Judgement
  • Justice King Michael (Transferred to her body after her revival as a Seraphim)
    • Armageddon
    • Castle Guard
    • Regalia Domination


  • It's implied that Rimuru Tempest is Lucia's reincarnation since it's stated by Velda that only the real Lucia could wield Wisdom Lord Raphael.
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