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Lizardmen, the rulers of the marshes. They make great uses of their natural habitat such as barricading themselves in their natural labyrinth in preparation for any attack.


Their body is covered in scales with coloring in shades of green that differs between individuals, which they usually inherit from their parents. They also have webbed feet that help them moves through the marshes much quicker than other races.

Some Lizardmen can be seen to be growing hair.


The Lizardmen live off the lake's fish, they have an abundance of food.

They make use of windows designed with magic to light their houses.


The carnivorous lizardmen are individually ranked as a C+ monster. The warriors could reach B-, and some special individuals among them could even reach B-rank.

Possessing high battle abilities they can maneuver smoothly through mud or swamp.

Their abilities are rather highly ranked. If they properly cooperate and fight as a single unit, they can easily rival the army of a small human country. The total number of their troops numbered ten thousand–if calling half of their entire population to arms.