This is the seventh volume of the That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime light novel.


News of demon lord Clayman's defeat by Rimuru shakes the Holy Empire of Lubelius to its core, especially since the Chief Knight of their Holy Imperial Guard, Hinata Sakaguchi, had once attacked Rimuru not long ago. In an attempt to avoid total warfare at all costs, Hinata shoulders the blame for all the bloodshed and decides of her own accord to head for Tempest...![1]


  • Prologue: Majins’ Tributes
  • Chapter 1: A Deal with the Devil
  • Chapter 2: Each’s Duty
  • Chapter 3: A Saint’s Goal
  • Intermission: The Secret Meeting
  • Chapter 4: The Second Confrontation
  • Chapter 5: Fierce Battle between Saints and Monsters
  • Chapter 6: God and Demon Lord
  • Epilogue: New Bonds



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Adaptation Notes

Differences from the original web novels.



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