El Dorado







He isn't on good terms with Ramiris. From the very moment they met, he had thought to kill her a few times.

Chloe Aubert

She is a childhood friend of Leon, a best friend. An existence he loved like a sister, his everything.

Shizue Izawa

She was summoned instead of Chloe and gave her Flame Giant Ifrit to save her life.

Guy Crimson

A good friend, Despite Guy's advances towards him.

Rimuru Tempest

Rimuru initially disliked him because of treatment of Shizue but after realizing that he actually, in fact, saved the latter's life, Rimuru cooperated with him. They also cooperated with one another several times. He fully trusts that he can leave Chloe in Rimuru's hands. During the Great Tenma War, he evolved into a Demi-God when Rimuru reconstructed his core to revive him.

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