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"However, I’m also a little bit interested in you. If you want to complain to me, my treat. Or you can refuse if you think it’s a trap. But it doesn’t matter either way."

Leon Cromwell, to Rimuru

Leon Cromwell (レオン・クロムウェル Reon Kuromueru) is an Otherworlder who became a Hero who used to be known as the Platinum Saber, and later joined the Demon Lords and became known as the Platinum Devil. He is the ruler of El Dorado and a member of the Octagram.


He has long platinum gold hair, blue narrow eyes, a well-defined face, and skin so white that it is almost transparent. He is so beautiful that he is often mistaken for a woman at first glance. Despite his young appearance, he is three hundred years old.


Due to his inability to express himself properly, he is often seen as cold and cruel. In truth he is actually quite kind but his one-track-mind tends to create distance between him and the people around him. For a long time he had an extreme obsession with wanting to reunite with Chloe Aubert, his childhood friend.


Leon was originally an Otherworlder and Chloe Aubert's childhood friend, who he shared a close sibling-like relationship with. They were caught in the accidental occurrence of a dimensional distortion but then Chloe immediately got summoned to the future, so Leon decided to search for Chloe, managing to make a contract with a Greater Light Spirit in Ramiris' Dwelling of Spirit and became a Hero.

100 years after coming to this world, became known that Leon self-proclaimed himself as a Demon Lord and, as a consequence, one of the Demon Lords, Kazaream, was furious with him. Kazaream went to slay Leon, but Leon turned the tables on him and defeated Kazaream instead, with Kazaream losing his Material Body in the process and being forced to survive for 190 years with his Spiritual Body until Kazaream summoned Yuuki Kagurazaka. In the meanwhile, Leon took over Kazaream castle for himself as his new homebase. Due to these events, Leon ended up taking Kazaream's place within the Ten Great Demon Lords, and was officially recognized as a Demon Lord.

More than 200 years after coming to this world, during his attempts to summon Chloe, Leon summoned Shizue Izawa out of the Tokyo firebombing and made Ifrit possess her, both in order to save her, but also to find a vessel for Ifrit. Due to Leon's cold exterior, Ifrit making mistaken judgement calls and Shizue's rejection of the world she got summoned to, they were unable to bond properly, culminating in the deaths of Pirino and Pizu, which strained their relationship severely. Ultimately Leon decided to leave Shizue in the care of the Hero Chronoa who appeared at his castle, while Leon himself moved his base over to El Dorado.


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