Intrinsic Skill Labyrinth Creation is a skill that is linked directly to Ramiris. It allows her to create a, technically, infinite labyrinth that she has near-complete control over.


There's no limit to the floors that can be constructed underground, but realistically, at most 100 floors. It's possible to finish in a day, it can be created in a single moment, the interior aside. Customizing the interior is one of the functions of this skill. It's also possible to create a rotation of floor patterns, but only one floor at a time. If not the structure but the interior that can be changed relatively simply.

By wearing a special item created via the skill, in case of death, a system can be set up, where the inhabitants are reborn on the surface. Alternatively, if she is aware of the person who entered, she may manually revive them.

Inside labyrinth the user's subordinates are immortal. If the user gets killed, they'll disappear, but the subordinates can respawn at a set spot, there is no revival limit. Inside the dungeon, the user's troops are undefeatable. For one without any subordinates, it's just a meaningless invincible skill.


  • Labyrinth Creation: The user can create a near-endless labyrinth underground.
  • Labyrinth Customization: The user can customize this labyrinth in near-infinite ways. The design, effects, monsters, people. All is under the user's control inside the labyrinth.

Labyrinths Created

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