Kyoya Tachibana is one of the Otherworlder summoned to serve Farmus.


Kyoya is a laidback individual, believing himself to having one of the most powerful skill.

Unlike the other summoned otherworlders, he was willing to take a more flexible approach to his plight. There was nothing he missed about his old world; he was far more interested in the powers obtained on the new one, having become incredibly arrogant and self-confident due to possessing superior abilities in comparison to the average people born in the new world and beneath his regular approachable persona, Hakuro noted that Kyoya was no different to Shogo, as he was sadistically taking pleasure in killing the innocent and defenseless civilians of Tempest. 


Kyoya was summoned as a living weapon and was forced to serve Farmus with a cursed spell. Before he was summoned, he used to practice fencing.

He was recognized as the best swordsman in Farmus thanks to his combined natural talent and newfound skills, due to this Kyoya has become incredibly arrogant and conceited as he had even begun believing that he was superior to everyone else in the new world and even believed that he surpassed the likes of Hinata Sakaguchi with his skills, Its due to this arrogance and bloated ego that lead to his death against Hakurou as he refused to acknowledge that he was weaker than the latter or even the possibility that Hakurou had superior skills and abilities than him.


Kyoya was ordered to provoke Jura Tempest Federation together with Shogo Taguchi and Kirara Mizutani and managed to kill several of Tempest's citizens. He managed to wound Hakurou during the initial attack but lost and was killed during their second encounter and final duel.


Kyoya trained as a fencer in his previous life before he was summoned.

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