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Kurobe (黒兵衛(クロベエ) kurobē, lit. "black middle palace guard") is a Fair Oni and is one of the top blacksmiths of the Jura Tempest Federation. He as well lives in the Capital city of the Jura Tempest Federation: Rimuru City.


He looks like a pretty-average middle-aged man after being named, which Rimuru comments on and manages to feel some level of kinship to given his past life.


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They are good colleagues who hit it off right after being introduced to each other, getting so absorbed in their technical talk about craftsmen issues that they accidentally dragged Rimuru into it. He and Kaijin become friends soon enough because of their shared passion for blacksmithing.


Not much is known about Kurobe's combat abilities. He used a Large Hammer as a weapon, but ever since evolving from Ogre to Kijin, he had little opportunities to participate in battles. However, as a Craftsman, especially in regards to swords, few can match him.

Unique Skills
Extra Skills
  • Battlewill
  • Thermal Fluctuation Resistance
  • Blacksmithing Hammer


  • There is a franchise-wide running gag involving Kurobe where he is never featured on the cover of the light novels or manga, including spin-offs. Even in the anime, he is never shown in the openings aside from one shot that shows him in the background while walking, though even in that case his face happens to be hidden by a tree branch that prevents the audience from seeing his face.
  • He's the one who forged Shion's odachi.


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