"Chimeric Lord" Kumara「"幻獣王(キメラロード)" クマラ, "Genjuu Ou(K i m e r a R o o d o)" Kumara」is the one of the ninth group of subordinates to be named by Rimuru Tempest. She was originally a small fox spirit enslaved by Clayman and was freed from his curse by Rimuru. Later on, she took advantage of Rimuru's soft spot for small and cute things and thus became part of Tempest.

She is the only subordinate of Rimuru to have received a total of nine Names, in contrast to Ranga whose single name became the name of his entire species, making her one of his strongest subordinates as one of Rimuru's Twelve Patrons, giving her a Title of a "Lord," as well as becoming the Guardian of the 90th floor of Ramiris’ Labyrinth.


She was originally a small silver furred fox when Rimuru originally picked her up and brought her the Labyrinth. She was a nine-tailed fox.
After Naming
She had the bewitching form and beauty of a courtesan.
True Demon Lord
Her tails all became shining and golden. Her hair became a beautiful mix of silver and gold and flowed gently down her back. She became even more beautiful.


She is very clever, intelligent, and even devious as she was able to trick Rimuru into naming her and eight different parts of her giving her a tremendous energy boost.

She is described as a cold and calculating type, and thus cannot get along with those that are naive and impulsive. However, she does still have some childlike tendencies getting frustrated when she cannot fully handle a situation.


She was originally a three-tailed fox spirit cursed to be Clayman's pet and bodyguard. After her curse was removed by Rimuru, she was saved and taken into protection in Tempest. She was assigned to be protected by Ranga.

Rimuru later brought her into the Labyrinth to help manage the forest there and put her on floor 90. Rimuru also named her Kumara, making her grow all her tails up to 9.

When she asked Rimuru to name some of her friends he could not refuse a little girl (no matter how much he denies it). It turned out that her 8 friends (Mouse・Tiger・Rabbit・Snake・Sheep・Ape・Bird・Hound) were other parts of her giving her a tremendous boost in strength and magical energy when she received 8 additional names.

Rimuru gave her 100,000 souls after the battle in the Labyrinth with the Eastern Empire and she was able to successfully evolve into a True Demon Lord.[1]

Her original body was very strong, but upon combining all nine of her bodies her true strength is revealed.


Rimuru Tempest

Kumara is extremely loyal to Rimuru and they seem to get along with each other and seem to be good friends.



Kumara and Ranga seem to get along with each other and are good friends.


Kumara and Ramiris seem to get along with each other and are good friends.

Beast Forms

Mouse (Coccus)
The mice are small and black and spread a disease that causes enemies to develop black spots on their skin and a high fever. They are so small they are easily ignored as a non-threat, however, they are in fact the ruler of the plagues. Even magic treatment had little effect on the disease, only very rare holy magic could completely cure it.
Tiger (Raiko)
The tiger is clad in lightning and has control over thunder and lightning.
Rabbit (Getto)
The rabbit has the ability to manipulate gravity.
Snake (Yoda)
The snake is a winged serpent and can manipulate the contents of the air. During the battle with the empire, the snake lowered oxygen content to zero killing the soldiers.
Sheep (Mink)
The sheep can control the consciousness of others by lulling them to sleep with special hallucinogenic hypnosis.
Ape (Byakuen)
He is a pure white Youkai ape. He uses a hand to hand combat type martial arts using staff as his weapon of choice. He is able to manipulate wind and sound to summon storms. He can also generate deadly vacuum blades in all directions with the swings of his staff. He can also create a barrier of wind that can deflect direct magic attacks. He is extremely strong and could toy with the enhanced cybernetic troops of the empire as if they were children.[2]
Bird (Enchou)
The Bird is covered in flames. The bird kills its enemies with high temperatures of a fire.
Hound (Igami)
The dog uses a mirror-like ability that reflects all techniques and attacks back to the original sender.



  • Earth Spirit Magic

Ultimate Skill

Daily Skills

  • Universal Perception
  • Demon Lord's Haki
  • Demon Beast Minion

Battle Skills


  • Physical Attack Immunity
  • Abnormal Status Resistance
  • Natural Elements Resistance
  • Mental Attack Resistance
  • Hybrid Attack Resistance[3]



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