Brave leader - He took command of the final seven survivors from the dungeon to battle against Zegion.


He participated in the invasion of the Labyrinth. He beat Albert by breaking his sword using his higher-grade equipment. However, he was defeated in less than a minute by Zegion. After his defeat, he defected to Tempest.

He was ordered to take control of the Capital with an army in the absence of Rimuru to eliminate all insurgencies and put priority in public peace and order in place of the Empire's ruling party. That was destroyed since he was human as well as someone from the empire and former member of the Royal guard and to control the remaining Nobles since leaving them alone would destroy public order, and cause civil wars.


He has a very high close-range combat ability.

He possesses great strength given that he is ranked 17 in the emperor's personal guard.


He has legendary grade equipment and armor.

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