The Kingdom of Falmuth, (alt. Falmuth Kingdom), was a country west of Dwargon known as the gateway to the western nations.


The Kingdom of Falmuth, ruled by King Edomalis. The country was brought to ruin and was passed down on to later generations as a country that was destroyed because of a Demon Lord's Wrath.

Tax Revenue

The Kingdom of Falmuth was a large country with a total population of 30 million, the tax revenue that the national treasury received each year was about 5 million Gold coins.


Due to its location, the Kingdom of Falmuth could have been considered as the main trading partner of the Dwargon. Without the need to traverse hazardous terrain, it was advantageous for direct transactions. Therefore, a great deal of profit was earned by selling imported goods after implementing high taxes. But, simply selling goods to foreign kingdoms was hardly enough to have been satisfied with.

If the imported goods were to have been solely sold within the country, withholding foreign trades, that would further increase profits, and such a decision was made after listening to the advice of the Minister of Economical Affairs. As expected, at first there was an increase in the number of adventurers into the country plus the sales and revenues also increased.

But in a month, sales started to show signs of recession, and an investigation of the cause was immediately ordered. The damages are not only limited to imported goods. Foreign merchants who came to buy goods and adventurers who came to stay disappeared altogether. Adventurers staying in the city affect the revenues of shops and inns, making this situation something that cannot have been ignored. This wasn't a problem one could afford to simply wait and see. This was something that can't have been neglected. After all, if this route was permitted, the geological advantage the Kingdom of Falmuth possessed was lost.

For the Kingdom of Falmuth, which mainly relies on trade for income, this was a matter of life and death. Due to the neighboring Dwargon Kingdom being an excellent industrial kingdom, the local level of industry was low. There are no local specialties, and there aren't any resources able to have been processed. The local agriculture was at a level when the people wouldn't starve, but the tax gained wouldn't have been enough to cover the national spending. Tourism and trade being its main pillars, it's a country where tariffs are high. Until now, thanks to the threat Veldora posed, the trade route through the Kingdom of Falmuth had made it prosper.

If the kingdom couldn't secure the benefits of trading with Dwargon, the national power of the kingdom will fall.

There have been changes in the trade status quo surrounding the Kingdom of Falmuth. Originally, the profits and losses of trade will take up to a year or even longer before it's certain, but the changes are much too abrupt. This was due to the trade routes created by Tempest.


Falmuth was a vast nation. With the resources it had at hand, it could send a maximum of a hundred thousand soldiers into service.

First, there were the five thousand members of the Falmuth Royal Knight Corps, the all-powerful army led by Folgen, its captain. Serving the king directly, it was a pack of elites, allowed to move freely under the king's orders. Each one of them rated a B in battle, and they boasted a reputation as the most powerful fighters among the Western Nations.

Next, there was the Falmuth Sorcerer Alliance, a thousand-strong group of royal magic academy graduates led by Razen. Each one of them was an expert in magic, handpicked for their unique gifts in battle-oriented spells.

After that came the Falmuth Noble Knight Federation, an elite corps of five thousand composed of specially selected soldiers (including some of the younger nobles) who served the upper levels of nobility directly. They were a force to have been reckoned with, even if they were primarily career soldiers with only sparse experience in actual combat.

Finally, there were the six thousand members of the Falmuth Mercenary Brigades. This group was normally charged with keeping the peace inside and outside Falmuth with a bare minimum of members, but they could have been conscripted for emergencies and have their full strength taken advantage of. Their ranks contained a wealth of ambitious young men and women eager to prove themselves in battle and earn a spot in the ordained knight rolls.


Falmuth would from time to time hold a “summon ceremonies” to summon otherworlders and bind them as a living weapon for the country. These are some examples of summoned otherworlders in Falmuth:

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