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Kingdom of Blumund (ブルムンド王国 burumundo ōkoku), also known as the Blumund Kingdom, is a human nation that neighbors the Farmenas Kingdom (formerly the Kingdom of Falmuth), the Jura Tempest Federation, and the Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion.


This country is so small that all the nobles are feudal lords of villages. It is merely a country that comprises its royal capital. The capital is the only large city, and in the castle town lies the Blumund's Freedom Association Branch. The Blumund Kingdom is a kingdom of information, where Intel is up for sale. It's because it's such a small country, it would be immediately destroyed if it didn't regulate such information.

Royal Capital

Blumund's Royal Capital appears old but sturdy. The pedestrians appeared bright and cheerful with no gloominess insight, due to the fact that there is no visible damage from powerful monsters or other threats.


If Blumund went to war against Tempest, they would be annihilated instantly. They have concluded that resistance is futile, so they want to avoid war at all costs. For the sake of that purpose, they're not reluctant and will cooperate with them to the fullest of their abilities. However, they remained safe thanks to the King of Tempest's benevolence.


The neighboring Falmuth Kingdom stopped allowing goods to come from the Armed Nation of Dwargon to prevent any goods that could be used by the military to reach there. And since high-quality potions no longer arrive from the Dwarf Kingdom, they had no choice but to sell the inferior stuff made by the local pharmacists. Besides, since they are making things by boiling medical herbs found in forests and caves, the medicine they produce is naturally inferior.

Tempest established new trade routes between itself and neighboring kingdoms, including Blumund and Dwargon, which allowed Blumund to circumvent Falmuth's trade ban. Combined with Goblin Riders keeping the Jura Forest safe for both citizens and visitors, Blumund is able to import Dwargon's goods again in addition to Tempest's own produce.


Blumund is a small country without much national power, their counter-measures against monsters are insufficient. They somehow cooperated with the Freedom Association. In this country, adventures are at the front lines, and there's a demand for the potions. Tempest's military strength and proximity also mean that Blumund is protected from greater threats like the Orc Disaster.



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