Kijin [鬼人, Kijin, literally meaning "Oni People"] are powerful beings from the ogre tribe who have evolved such after many long years. Sometimes called divine, there have been Kijins that have brought many calamities upon the world.

Once every few hundred years an elderly ogre can evolve into one. Their ability unnaturally high, they are often said to be capable of crushing the heavens. Kijins, in turn, can evolve into Fair Oni and Dark Oni.[1]

The Kijin can reproduce with any race, but choose not to. All their magical energy gets absorbed in the process, and some have not been able to recover it.

There are two types of children produced by Kijin. The first are created with seed, the second is truly labored over. The former is made by combining some of one's magical power, and while they do inherit some abilities, they tend to be weaker. The latter one pours all your strength into. But one's lifespan is shortened as a result.



  1. According to web novel chapter 74 both are actually called oni (オニ) albeit differently spelled 妖鬼 and 悪鬼, respectively, whereas the here described (standard) oni are called kijin