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Kenya Misaki (三崎 剣也 Misaki Kenya) is a student at Freedom Academy and a Summoned Otherworlder.


Kenya is shown to have a highly energetic, mischievous and aggressive personality, as seen during his first interactions with his new teacher Rimuru Tempest, where he attempted to constantly get a rise out of the latter by acting impious and rebellious towards him. This behavior having landed him to be branded as "troublesome" by his teachers and leading him to be placed in a separate class for troublemakers.

Kenya like many of his fellow Summoned, is shown to be actively frustrated by him being forced to be transported into another world against his will and has shown active frustration on the fact that he was branded a "failure" and was even more upset by the fact that his lifespan was shortened due to the Summoning's side effects on his child body.


He is a young boy with spiky orange hair and black eyes.


Kenya like many of the other Summoned Otherworlders was one of the many of the "failed" victims of the many Summoning Rituals to summon Otherworlders by various kingdom and countries around the world and forcibly enlist their power into the various military's of the world. to help counter the various Demons, Monsters and other beings that pose a threat to Humanity. And due to Kenya being nothing more than a child during his summoning, the excess Megicules in his body did not cause him to develop a unique skill or power but instead severely shorten his life expectancy. Causing him to be then deemed to be a failure by his summoners and put aside.




  • Unnamed Sword
    • Rare Grade
  • Unnamed Buckler
    • Rare Grade



Other Abilities


Rimuru Tempest - His second teacher in this world and the savior of his life.

Shizue Izawa - She was his first teacher.

Yuuki Kagurazaka - The person whom saved him from captivity, Kenya looks up to him like a big brother.

Chloe Aubert - Classmate.

Gale Gibson - Classmate.

Alice Rondo - Classmate.

Ryota Sekiguchi - Classmate.


  • The name Kenya means "sword, blade, saber" (剣) (ken) and "to be, also" (也) (ya).
  • Kenya's surname Misaki means "three" (三) (mi) and "cape, peninsula" (崎) (saki).