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Kenya Misaki「三崎 剣也, Misaki Kenya」is a student at Freedom Academy and a Summoned/World Traveler




The moment Kenya started praying a light began falling from the sky, a large mass of energy. This was the Spirit of Light. After listening to the children's story, and seeing that Kenya had a good disposition towards the light, he decided to help Kenya. So, until Kenya grows up, the Spirit of Light will protect him. He has even stated that it is possible for him to become a hero. Saying so, and without waiting for permission, he entered Kenya and quickly stabilized his body.


Being blessed by the Spirit of Light and said to have the potential to be a Hero.


Rimuru Tempest- His Second Teacher in this World and The Saviour of His Life.

Shizue Izawa- She was his first teacher.

Chloe Aubert- They were classmates.

Ryota Sekiguchi - They were classmates

Gale Gibson - They were classmates.

Alice Rondo - They were classmates.

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