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Kaval (カバル kabaru) is the leader of his adventure's party, where he serves as the 'fighter' role. Alongside Gido, he is also tasked as the secret bodyguard of Lady Elyune under the guise of an adventurer.


He enjoys goofing off but was polite when working. He's probably the one who complains most about things even if Elyune is the true royalty here. He has the tendency to show off and become cocky as the team's leader at the wrong times which ultimately leads to their party meeting more trouble than they should.

He was probably tasked as the party's leader due to his charisma and looks, rather than his leadership and judgment since he, alongside Elyune, does most of the talking.

He has the unfortunate mindset of a kid who "pokes a hornets nest to see what happens", as he is constantly to blame for the monsters attacking his party


A young man with medium length hair, seemingly in his prime.


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