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Kagali (カガリ kagali) is a former Demon Lord and president of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance, who had once been known as "Curse Lord" Kazaream (カザリーム kazarīmu). Seemingly killed by Leon Cromwell 200 years ago, Kazaream managed to survive by escaping with just his Astral Body and now occupies a Homunculus body in the shape of a female elf.

Having taken the new identity of Kagali, she began serving under Yuuki Kagurazaka as a secretary while still influencing the world with the help of her subordinates from the Moderate Harlequin Alliance.


Kazaream was originally male, but after having taken up the identity of "Kagali" now possesses a homunculus body shaped in the form of a female elf. The contrast between the previous and new look was enough to cause Kagali to be embarrassed and for Laplace to burst in laughter.


Kazaream during his time as one of the Demon Lords, was infamously known to be cruel and a power hungry individual. With him having garnered a lot of of infamy due to having utilized his unique curse abilities to forcibly make several high class beings into his servants to further consolidate power for himself. He was also known to be highly destructive and ill tempered once he was set off, having been known to have antagonized and causing mass destruction during his battle against Roy Valentin and was easily ticked off by Leon Cromwell's personality.

Kazaream was also known to be a highly cunning and intelligent Demon Lord, having initially gained his reputation due to his uncanny ability to gather information and create complex ingenious schemes to obtain more power and was known to usually control things behind the scenes rather than reveal his hand. This is seen during his numerous schemes to recruit several Demon Lord potentials as his allies by advocating their claims to join the Demon Lord Council to obtain further political power among his fellows.

However despite his violent and manipulative tendencies, Kazaream was also shown to have a lighter and more friendly side to himself, as seen during his interactions with his servants of the Moderate Harlequin Alliance. Who all became genuinely loyal to him and he developed a strong friendly relationship with all of them and actually treasures them as his friends and allies.

Upon being revived and placed into a female elf Homunculus, Kagali was shown to have taken several feminine habits, personality quirks, speaking tones and mannerism to that of a female, a fact that Laplace found hilarious. However despite the new womanly traits, Kagali is shown to still retain several aspects of her masculine original Kazaream self, as seen where she retain the habit of being easily annoyed at Laplace's antics and would talk to him in a every brusque tone when she begins to lose patience with him.

Kagali is also shown to possess a very vengeful side to her personality, as seen where she was greatly angered by Clayman's death and swore to avenge him and she still felt immense anger and vengeful hatred for Leon Cromwell due to him having defeated and killed her original body.


Originally, Kazaream was one of the Demon Lords that were active prior to the appearance of Demon Lords Carrion, Frey, and Clayman. Where he quickly built up a fearsome reputation as a cunning schemer and planner due to his uncanny ability to gather information.

Eventually, upon him joining the Ten Great Demon Lords, Kazaream began actively searching for and recruiting beings of similar potential and power as himself who had the capabilities to become Demon Lords. Having successfully gathered an entire group of such beings as his personal servants that he then named the Moderate Harlequin Alliance. Kazaream in particular would assist his personal aid, Clayman in hoarding enough power and evolving into a Demon Lord Seed and advocated his own claim to join the Demon Lord Council, who during his time, consisted of a mere seven.

During his time as one of the Demon Lords, Kazaream was known to have battled against Roy Valentin. During of which Kazaream was noted to have gauged his power to be equivalent to his own during his prime. Their battle was stated to have been destructive enough that all the surrounding territories around them was destroyed and resulted in the creation of the custom of the Demon Lords fights and arguments being decided via a majority vote of three was implemented. However, despite having fought him himself, it was shown that Kazaream was oblivious to Demon Lord Valentin's true position as a servant for the actual Demon Lord Luminous Valentine holding his council seat.

Kazaream, alongside Milim, would also advocate the claim of Carrion into the Council in order to obtain further political pull in the Council.

Eventually, during his time as a Demon Lord, Kazaream would come across or hear about Leon Cromwell, who had declared himself a Demon Lord. As no one stepped up to support Leon's claim, he was deemed a Self-Proclaimed Demon Lord, causing Kazaream to step to eliminate Leon for daring to call himself a Demon Lord, leading to the two to then fight each other.

Kazaream lost the fight and his body was destroyed, however Kazaream had successfully survived their encounter and for over a hundred years wandered around as a disembodied spirit with his consciousness and mind slowly dissipating due to his lack of a body. It was only until 10 years prior to Rimuru's Reincarnation, did he successfully possess and share the body with an Otherworlder, Yuuki Kagurazaka and from there successfully acquire his current female elf Homunculus body. Grateful for Yuuki's help despite originally having tried to snatch Yuuki's body away, he began closely working with him to reach their shared goals and took on the identity of Kagali, Yuuki's secretary.


Unique skills




  • Moderate Harlequin Alliance:
    • Clayman the Crazy Pierrot::
    • Laplace the Wonder Pierrot (Pleasure Clown):
    • Footman the Angry Pierrot:
    • Tear the Teardrop (Teary Eyes Clown):


  • Rimuru Tempest: Kazaream hates Rimuru Tempest due to the fact Rimuru killed Clayman. Kazaream has sworn to get revenge for Clayman.
  • Leon Cromwell: Kazaream loathes Leon Cromwell due to the fact Leon almost killed him. He hates Leon and would love seeing him dead.
  • Milim Nava: As Kazaream, he was one of the few who elven royalty to survive Milim's destructive rampage after his original homeland attempted to control her and caused the death of her pet dragon. Due to seeing the amount of devastation Milim caused even prior to Evolving into a proper Demon Lord, Kazaream possess immense fear and a healthy respect for her and tries to avoid angering her, both in his/her original identity as Kazaream and later as Kagali. However it has been shown that Kagali is more willing to antagonize Milim as long as her wrath is not directed at her afterwards, as seen where she agreed to assist Yuki in his schemes.


  • It's been stated by Yuuki Kagurazaka and Kagali that her current female elf Homunculus body was one of the Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion specially made products.
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