"Curse Lord" Kazaream呪術王(カース・ロード)カザリーム, Jujutsu Ou(K a a s u R o o d o) Kazariimu」is a former Demon Lord who 300 years ago was killed by Leon Cromwell.

As a spiritual life form, he then possessed a female elf named Kagali and served under Yuuki Kagurazaka undercover.

After dying again and being resurrected as a Seraphim she was given the rank of "Four Fiends of the Heaven Commanders" by Velda.


He was originally male now possessing a beautiful female Elf.

Possibly having the Seraphim three pairs (six) of wings.


Kazaream/Kagali is not a being who understood gender now that she is a spirit but was affected to some degree by possessing Kagali. One of those effects was to desire to learn a cooking and tea brewing skill.

Kazaream, now called Kagali, spent her time learning to interact with people talking with a crude expression and tone.


400 years ago, he turned his aide Clayman into a demon lord, furthermore, he also tried to increase the number of his comrades. He told Leon that if he became his comrade he would turn him into Demon Lord. Leon immediately killed him not wanting a comrade such as him.


His subordinates are few. Including Clayman, there were only several others. But his information-gathering ability is frightening. The trend in human cities is from him. While information about Demon Lords came from Clayman. Even the information about the Eastern Power, it can be said that he had grasped all intelligence of the world. She has awakened as a True Demon Lord after 10,000 souls had been poured into her Demon Lord's seed. Her power increased greatly after been resurrected as a Seraphim.

Ultimate Skill

Unique skills




  • Moderate Clown Troupe:
    • Footman the Angry Pierrot: Possesses the Unique Skill: The Fat (Amplifier) The essence of this ability is amplification. With a small energy wave, he's able to amplify a material at will. Thus, those who failed to resist were burst open and died after Footman amplified their bodies.
    • Tear the Teardrop (Teary Eyes Clown): Possesses the Unique Skill: The Ignorant (Optimist) Her ability has a condition to activate, that is, all of her abilities will increase only when she receives an order. 
    • Laplace the Wonder Pierrot (Pleasure Clown): He possesses fearsome power at the level of an extraordinary Demon Lord and the power to see into the future for several seconds ahead of time due to his Unique Skill: Seer (Future Vision) And, with his Unique Skill: Deceiver, he can unleash phantasmagoric attacks.
    • Clayman the Crazy Pierrot:


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