Jura Tempest Federation (ジュラ・テンペスト連邦国 jura tenpesuto renpōkoku), also known as Tempest (魔国連邦(テンペスト) tenpesuto, lit. "Monster Federation") is the country founded by Rimuru Tempest in the Jura Forest.


Initially founded near the Sealed Cave after abandoning an old Goblin village, the nation started off as a new Goblin village built by Dwarven Craftsmen. This village then joined with the Lizardmen, emancipated Orcs (now High Orcs), surrounding Goblins (now Hobgoblins) as well as the Dryads and Treants to create the Jura Forest Alliance which several months later evolved into the Jura Tempest Federation, kicking off the founding of the nation with a magical treaty with the Armed Nation Dwargon.


As the Head of State and Commander-In-Chief of the Jura Tempest Federation stands the Demon Lord Rimuru.

The Cabinet

Prime Minister Rigurd heads the cabinet and holds the highest authority for internal affairs outside wartime after Rimuru. The cabinet consists of several ministries.

Ministry of Defense

Benimaru is the Minister of Defence. He holds the highest authority for all matters during wartime but can be vetoed by Rimuru if necessary. Hakurou is the Chief Instructor.

Ministry of Intelligence

Spymaster Souei is the Minister of Intelligence. He keeps Tempest strong on espionage.

Ministry of Infrastructure

This ministry is responsible of the construction work of Tempest during peacetime. Geld and Gobkyuu work for this ministry.

Ministry of Science

This ministry is responsible for technological advancements and its applications. Kaijin, Vesta, the Dwarf Brothers, Gabiru, and Kurobee work for this ministry.


The Minister of Treasury is Myourmile.


The dungeon is managed by Ramiris and Veldora and to a lesser extent Rimuru.

Foreign Relations

Armed Nation of Dwargon

The Armed Nation of Dwargon was the first to recognize the then called Jura Tempest Alliance as its own sovereign nation, causing the Jura-Tempest Federation to be officially formed. They entered a treaty with the newly formed Jura-Tempest Federation that included the following:

  1. A Non-aggression treaty.
  2. A promise of assistance, in the event either nation, is endangered.
  3. The building of a road to Dwargon, in exchange for their backing.
  4. Guaranteed safety for Dwarves within the Forest of Jura.
  5. Promises of sharing technology between Tempest and Dwargon.

There are a few other details in this treaty that haven't been brought up since. Since the signing of this treaty Dwargon has sent several researchers, including Vesta, and helped Tempest in repelling Charybdis. Dwargon was also the first country to receive Rimuru as a state guest. The two countries enjoy close ties with each other. King Gazel Dwargo and his government officials have especially great interest in tempest's Alcohol give that to them it was far better than Farmenas Kingdom (Previously known to be the Farmus Kingdom) Alcohol.

Kingdom of Blumund

The kingdom of Blumund was the first human nation to recognize the Jura Tempest Federation as a sovereign nation. They feared Tempest as a nation of monsters because they were incapable of defending if Tempest was to attack, leaving them no choice but to engage in politics. Eventually, they signed a joint-security and freedom of travel treaty, the relationship between the two has been increasingly positive since. Rimuru never expected Blumund to actually help Tempest and intentionally left loopholes within the treaty for them to deny aid if they were being attacked, but much to Rimuru's surprise Blumund fulfilled their end of the treaty when Farmas marched against Tempest.

Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion

The Sorcerer's Dynasty Sarion decided to openly recognize Tempest as a sovereign state. In addition, to pursuing diplomacy with them.

Farmenas Kingdom

The Farmenas Kingdom (Previously known to be the Farmus Kingdom) was the first nation to publicly antagonize and attack the Tempest Federation, with the help of the Western Saints Church. After the massacre of their main unit by Rimuru, the King Edmalis, Chief Sorcerer Razen, and Archbishop of the Western Saints Church Reyheim were taken into custody as a sort of POW and were released, shortly after they became Diablo's subordinates. After Diablo had explained the demands of Rimuru (or in this case Diablo himself) after the "war" to most of the nobles present in a meeting, the King decided to step down and pay war reparations and gives the crown to his brother Edward. This leads to civil war for the crown which ends in Edward ceding the crown to Youmu which was Rimuru's plan from the beginning. With Youmu now the King, whose name changes to Farmenas along with the kingdom's name, Rimuru forgives the war reparations and establishes official diplomatic ties with Farmenas and becomes a good ally to them.

Holy Empire Ruberios

The current (as of Volume 9) relationship between Tempest and the Rebulios Empire is neutral at best, Rimuru and Ruminas Valentine agreed on a non-intervention pact between each other and simultaneously their respective nations.

Demon Lord Milim's domain

Demon Lord Milim's Domain, formally consisting out of the Beast Kingdom Yuurazania, Harpy Kingdom Fulbrosia, and the Capital of the Forgotten Dragon. Milim's Domain doesn't seem to have any written alliance with the Jura-Tempest Federation, the relationship between the two seems to be entirely dictated by the friendship between Rimuru and Milim Nava and the whims of the latter. Before Carrion stepped down as Demon Lord, Yuurazania and Tempest signed a non-aggression treaty and pursued trade relations. After Milim destroyed the capital of Yuurazania Tempest has sheltered the refugee beastmen and helped with the construction of a new capital city.


Due to it's geographically central location, sound military security, and extensive infrastructure and road systems Tempest is an economic hub where many nations trade or pass through while trading with other nations. As such Rimuru City is home to a large variety of shops.

Tempest's chief exports are mainly high-quality manufactured good. Namely the nation is well known for it's large quantity of potent healing potions. Other exported goods include alcohol in the form of Brandy, silk and other fine fabric clothing, and top-tier dwarven/ogre crafted weapons, armor, and accessories. Production of goods in Tempest is overseen by "Goblin Lord" Ririna.

Among it's known imports are fruits from the Beast Kingdom Eurazania which are used in the making of alcohol.

The finances of Tempest are handled by Gard Mjöllmile, with other economic advisors including Shuna, Rigurd, and a Kobold merchant named Koby.


  • As no other continents have been revealed/discovered, the Jura Tempest Federation unofficially serves as the center of the world the story takes place in; the map of the known world shows the Forest of Jura to be in-between most major countries.
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