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Jura Forest, also known as the Forest of Jura and The Great Forest of Jura, is a large woodland that's under the dominion of Rimuru Tempest.


An overview of the forest.

Rimuru Tempest was given the Jura Forest as his domain. Cities and villages have been developing in the forest taking the resources as they pleased. They now need permission from Demon Lord Rimuru. Jura Forest was not any country's property, beyond the forest spreads the demon's continent, but the Demon Lords avoided the Jura Forest on principle treating it as neutral territory. This rule was in place until Rimuru was recognized as a Demon Lord. There are three routes leading to the center of the Jura forest. One runs from the Canaat Mountain range. The other along the large Ameld river. These connect the north and south forests. But this is not a straight path, as the river runs east along the way. One can cross where the Ameld river meets the Eastern Empire’s river. However, there is no route that can support a large army.

There is a lake in the center of the Jura Forest, called Shisu. A marsh surrounds the lake and is controlled by the Lizardmen. Countless caves surround their lands, forming a natural labyrinth thwarting any invasion. Protected thus by the land itself, the Lizardmen peacefully ruled over the lake. The western route was home to the Ogre’s village before its annihilation. The marshes are also located in the west.

There are three trade routes to Dwargon. First is the route that passes through the large Forest of Jura. The second is the route that goes through the stern mountain path. The last is a sea route. Originally, the route that passes through the large forest of Jura is the shortest and safest however it was rarely used. Mainly, the most used route is the second one. As for the sea route, more than costly, there is the threat of sea monsters. Therefore, it is the least used route.

The Eastern Plains are big grain-producers. Therefore, it is the Empire’s lifeline. So flawless security is applied.

The monsters of the forest were under the impression that they received divine protection from Storm Dragon Veldora. That was why they could live inside that brutal surge of magic power produced by Veldora. Even though it was unpleasant, it was because of his existence that aggression was impossible.



Known Inhabitants

The race living in the forest has increased different species mostly in The Labyrinth

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