In the Kingdom of the Dwarves is the fourth episode of the anime adaptation of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime.


Arriving at Dwargon with Gobta the goblin, Rimuru ends up getting in a fight with some thugs and thrown in jail. Rimuru is eventually set free after providing the guards with potions and is introduced to Kaijin the blacksmith, helping him to fulfil an order of longswords in exchange for his help in providing artisans for the goblin village. As Rimuru and the dwarves celebrate at an elf bar, a figure approaches.


As Rimuru Tempest and his party consisting of five Tempest Wolfs including Ranga and five goblins including Rigur and Gobuta spend a few days traveling to the city of Dwargon Rimuru questions the Goblins on various topics. As a start, he asks Rigur about who named his brother Rigur I. According to Rigur his brother was named by a passing lieutenant in the Demon lord's Army, a fact that makes Rimuru mildly concerned.

Rimuru also questions Ranga to determine if he's holding a grudge against him for the death of his father. For Ranga the subject of his father is not an issue, he holds no lingering feelings of loyalty compared to his gratitude for Rimuru sparing his and his pack's lives and naming them. Once the group arrives outside of Dwargon Rimuru instructs most of the Goblins and the Wolves to stay back while he enters the line up with Gobuta.

Once in the line up Rimuru and Gobuta are quickly harassed by a group of Adventurers who see them as weak monsters and wish to mug them. Having already instructed the Goblins and wolves not to attack humans unprovoked Rimuru instructs Gobuta to plug his ears and turn around. Rimuru assumes the form of the newly evolved former Wolf Chief and uses intimidation to try to scare the adventurers off.

Met with overwhelming success, Rimuru terrorizes the other people in the line up and is immediately captured by Dwargon's guards. Fortunately Rimuru's story lines up with eyewitness reports and since no one was hurt the guard captain Kaidou feels inclined to let them go after a bare minimal amount of time. At that time one of the Guards charge in and report that a group of miners have been injured in an attack by a Armorsaurus and they have no potions to heal them.

Rimuru chimes in and trades in a large amount of his high quality health potion in exchange for his freedom. Once the Dwarfs are healed Kaidou agrees to take him to the best black smith that he knows. Kaidou takes Rimuru to his brother Kaijin who also turns out to the be the boss of the three miners Rimuru healed. While the dwarf is grateful for the safe return of his employees he is already in the middle of an order for the Kingdom.

Kaijin has to make twenty Magic Swords for the Kingdom and thanks to the work of a minister named Bester he has no time and no Magic Ore to make them. Rimuru recalls his time in the cave and regurgitates refined ore in the form of a chunk of Magic Steel, he also requests the one Magic sword that Kaijin has already produced.

Predating the sword Rimuru instructs the Great Sage to manufacture nineteen copies of the weapon made out of magic steel and regurgitates them, thereby completing Kaijin's order for him. In exchange Rimuru explains that he needs the use of an architect to build his village and a craftsman to make clothes and weapons for his people.

Agreeing to Rimuru's terms Kaijin takes him to a bar staffed entirely by elven women who weigh on the slime and four dwarfs hand and foot in order to celebrate.


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