Illusion Flower

Illusion Flowers, as seen in the manga (Chapter 43).

From this flower you can make hallucinogens and bewitching perfume. The production and sales of these items are forbidden to amateurs. It can only be sold by magicians with a special license.

  • Hallucinogens: Used to amplify hypnotism-type magic. Taking it normally will induce hallucinations. Leads to addiction. Hallucinogens are fine like sugar, but red in color. They can go for 2 golds coins a piece.
  • Bewitching Perfume: Amplifies the effects of hypnotism-type magic by up to 30%. Increases resistance to hypnotism-type magic by up to 30%. Bewitching Perfume can be made from hallucinogens by diluting the extract with water. That would be for quality item, of course; a normal one would increase the effects by only 20%.

The success rate of the skill, the extent of control, and the duration are amplified. It is an item coveted by most practitioners of this type of magic.

Turning a bouquet into the guild would earn one 10 silvers. Whereas processing it would yield 2 gold coins. That's 20 times higher. However it's considered really difficult to do. There have been people who died from the poisonous gasses that the plants let out.

If one turns illusion flowers into the guild, we can make 10 silvers per bouquet. Though one would think one could make a lot of money this way, but going into the forest to search for this elusive flower often proves pointless, so most people abstain.


  • Illusion flowers in full bloom, they often cause travelers to lose their way.
  • Harvesting them is a B rank harvesting mission objective.