Flame Giant Ifrit is a high ranking spirit; the ruler of flame which was sealed within Shizue Izawa by Demon Lord Leon Cromwell.


He used to live in Dwelling of the Spirit before he was stolen by the "Blonde Demon" Leon Cromwell. After that, he was sealed within Shizue Izawa. As a result of this, it gave Shizue an extended lifespan. 


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Shizue Izawa: It was revealed in a bonus episode of the anime that Iftrit had a bit of pity on Shizue, while Shizue openly hated Ifrit

Veldora Tempest: Ifrit met Veldora inside a separate space inside Rimuru after he consumed him using Predator. Iftrit seems to respect Veldora as his power is far greater than his.


Ifrit was a high ranking spirit with a rank that is over A.

A maelstrom of flames surrounds the Flame Giant, protecting it at all times. The heat of these flames are so intense that an attack like Rimuru's water blade evaporates before it even makes contact.

Special Skills


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