Saints「聖人, Seijinor Human Saints are incredibly powerful beings and the final racial evolution of the Human species. They are able to fight at the level of a True Demon Lord, an absolutely terrifying level of strength.


Human saints are very calm and calculating and even in the face of certain death are able to show bravery and control. There is no condition in which their hearts or minds will break.


Human Saints are of the highest fighting abilities.

They can also possess an Ultimate Skill and their Nucleic Heart won't be captured even if their soul and ego is captured.

Only Humans that have endured countless quantities of reincarnations and rebirths and have overcome hardships can attain this stage. As Humans Inhabitants go through the reincarnation cycle, he can gain insight into the laws of the world, attaining knowledge unknown to the common folk.

In due time, they evolve into a Sage, but the level beyond that is the Saint. A stage where Humans have suffered the effects of soul dissipation and scattering away during the reincarnation process and have still managed to maintain their sense of self become Saints.

Known Humans Saints

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