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Humans (人間 ningen) are one of the Races of the world.


Humans are sentient and sapient humanoid creatures who by default have no internal Magicule in their bodies and are usually also quite susceptible towards Magicule poisoning. However since they aren't Monsters, naming them has no effect and the inability of Monsters to be unable to lie also doesn't apply to them, while Prison Field and Holy Field also have no effect on them. Humans are also very adaptable. While they are a species that can normally only live for up to around 100 years at most, they can reproduce very quickly without any fear of Magicule loss and have many different ways to develop themselves.

Due to being inclined to neither Holy Power, nor Magicules, and also not having any Intrinsic Skills, Humans have the option to develop in many ways, but the lack of any innate powers causes them to usually hone their Arts instead, which makes Humans, as long as they have enough manpower available, are the nemesis of any monsters that gain power by absorbing Skills, like the Orc Lord. Due to being more inclined towards cooperation than most other Races, Humans can use Legion Magic that enables them to use numbers advantage towards single powerful foes much more efficiently, allowing them to defeat enemies that would be normally too difficult to defeat.

Development and Evolution Options

One option for Humans to develop is just to continue honing their Arts and perhaps learn some Magic as well. As long as they don't care too much about their lifespan, they might be able to become a very strong Adventurer and make a name for themselves.

Another option is to become a Holy Knight. Increasing one's Holy Power causes the Magicule resistance to rise making them be able to go into more Magicule-dense areas than others. The chance of evolution into an Enlightened and possibly a Saint, brings an opportunity for extending one's lifespan and becoming a Spiritual Lifeform. However in order to be able to use holy magic, a target of worship must usually exist and the efficiency of element magic that relies on Magicules might drop or even become unusable.

If a human is fortunate enough, a contract with a Spirit of Light could be made, which qualifies that human to become a Hero at some point, making the human much stronger.

Finally there is the option to abandon one's humanity and use various kinds of methods to turn oneself partially or completely into a Monster that is able to absorb Magicules. This usually extends lifespan considerably, and being able to internally store Magicules is a very tempting proposition for many Mage. On the other hand, there is a chance of being ostracized or even hunted down for becoming a Majin.

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