Prepare yourself, the one who will defeat you is this me!

Honjou Masayuki

Honjou Masayuki is a Japanese Otherworlder who acquired the title of "Hero." He got acquainted with Demon Lord Rimuru during the Tempest Tournament and later got employed by him as an advisor for the Labyrinth's structure and a mediator with the adventurers.



Masayuki was first shown to be an over-confident individual who dared to challenge Rimuru by saying that he would subjugate the Demon Lord during the Tournament. However, those actions were all influenced by Yuuki's mind control over him.

Once released from Yuuki's control thanks to Rimuru's casual contact, he is revealed to be quite a sensible person as he immediately withdrew from the Tournament knowing he couldn't win. He is also a likable individual, according to Rimuru, however, he's rather shy, getting embarrassed due to his fame and popularity, which is brought about by his Unique Skill "The Chosen One," and becoming nervous when Hinata Sakaguchi, a somewhat pretty woman, thanked him.

Masayuki is also quite knowledgeable in gaming as he provided some helpful advice for the reorganization of the Underground Labyrinth.


Masayuki came to the Ingracia Kingdom from his world. Then he met and was helped by Yuuki Kagurazaka who introduces himself as the leader of the Freedom Association.

Masayuki enters the Freedom Association by the recommendation of Yuuki and began as an adventurer. At that time, he thought that his abnormally high offensive ability was unnatural when compared with the others, this is when Masayuki first noticed his ability. However, the really frightening thing about this ability was the effect was also applied to the companions of Masayuki. Even if a deed was done by his companion, everything will become Masayuki's achievements. In other words, all attacks of his companions will also become Critical Hit, as they received his blessing. And, every admiration for his companions will become Masayuki's. Masayuki possesses the desire to become a hero and so this ability was awakened. When Masayuki consulted about this ability to Yuuki, it seemed a smile spout on Yuuki's face. After that, Yuuki began to manipulate him, day after day Masayuki started to feel like he was becoming someone else. Masayuki and his companions, growth at an overwhelming speed, after around half a year has passed, he was called as the "Hero."

He also participated in Ingrasia's Tournament but he easily became the champion. Just because he drew his sword out, the opponent declared "I give up." The spectator, who saw it, seems to misunderstand it as an instantaneous attack, but actually, there was nothing happening at all. It was one of the effect of Unique Skill The Chosen One, they just got hit by the "hero’s Haki." To oppose this ability, if it was not a Unique Skill holder with equal power, then the opponent couldn't resist it. However, it's been said that it's not an omnipotent ability.

In Chapter 243 of the Web Novel, it is revealed that he is most likely the reincarnation of Emperor Rudra of the Eastern Empire. Inheriting his luck and related skills.


  • Hobby level Kendo practitioner

Unique Skills

  • The Chosen One - There will be an excellent explanation for him for every action the opponent takes, whatever he does will result as a heroic act and will be praised, the result of his normal attack will become Critical Hit; even his luck increases.
  • Messiah - Criminals may ask for salvation and forgiveness before him, it could make his opponent confess to every sin they have ever has committed. It activates when Masayuki brings up the crime in the vicinity, or directly to, the criminal(s).


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