This location is Web Novel exclusive. It does not exist in the main canon.

The Holy City Ruberius [神聖首都 ルベリオス, Shinsei Shuto Ruberiosu] is the capital of the Holy Empire Ruberion.


A paradise where no one starves. Every child receives equal education and every citizen is employed. A paradise of law and harmony. This country is wealthy. No one hungers or sleeps in the streets. Everyone is given a role that they respect. They wake up at the sound of the morning bell and fall asleep at sunset. Those with superior abilities help those with inferior ones. And this harmony ensures that the citizens’ happy life continues. A land of equality under God.


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It is a holy city enveloped in a tranquil light, protected by a holy barrier. This was a high-level defense barrier developed through many years of arduous study. This barrier prevents uninvited outsiders from entering and protected the city for over a thousand years. It can even block sunlight allowing the city's natural light to be regulated. It is thus brighter in the afternoon and darker at night. The temperature inside the barrier is mostly fixed throughout the year creating pleasantly cool summers and warm winters. And thanks to the isolated farmlands, they are able to harvest any season's crop throughout the year.

One can transfer from the Grand Cathedral in the Holy City Ruberius to the Ingracia Kingdom's Western Saint's Church in a split second. These two cities were connected via a grand magic circuit. In order to spread the church's teachings there, they prioritized the creation of direct access into the city. Around six hundred years ago the Ingracia Kingdom and the Holy Empire Ruberion exchanged barrier magic for transfer magic and decided to connect their cities. As a result, rather than on this holy land, they gained the ability to establish the church's headquarters in the Ingracia Kingdom.

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