Hiryuu, the Flying Dragons, is one of the Tempest's strongest units, consisting of 100 dragonewts, formerly lizardmen. Gabil has great subordinates. Even when on the verge of death his subordinates worry about him; they are willing to sacrifice their lives to protect him.


They began serving Gabil when he was the lizardmen raid leader. When Gabil was banished for treason, his subordinates continued to follow him. When they joined Tempest, they were given names assigned by picking letters of the alphabet.

Gabil and his men were assigned to harvest Hipokte grass in the cave. When they started living there, they doubled as the cave's guards.

Gabil began to walk around the cave as if he owned the place, sometimes even being referred to as its king. The monsters inhabiting it also flee at the sight of him.


After being named by Rimuru, they all evolved into dragonewts.

Since they are constantly fighting inside the cave, they became stronger. At the beginning they could take down a centipede with just the five of them. Some of Gabil's subordinates have been able to defeat the centipede alone, and now consider the cave as their territory.

Each are at least ranked A-. After the Harvest Festival they acquired Dragon Knight Transformation and Flame Breath or Thunder Breath abilities. Though their efficiency dropped, their power greatly increased. They have also acquired flying abilities and can now shoot their breath from the sky. Though they haven't obtained any new resistances, they did have high resistance to begin with. With their scale armor being strong as steel. Only a direct strike can penetrate their armor. So being able to fly puts them at an overwhelming advantage over their enemies.